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Waterproof shoes for men and women

Is there anything worse than wet feet? Probably not. We at Icebug love to be outdoors all year round. If you want to be in nature all year round, waterproof shoes are necessary. Icebug is here to help! We offer running shoes, walking shoes, hiking shoes and winter boots equipped with waterproof membranes made with either GORE-TEX or BUGdri technologies. Don’t let bad weather stop you from being outdoors!

What is the difference between waterproof shoes and water-repellent shoes?

At Icebug, we offer both waterproof and water-repellent shoes. A water-repellent shoe can easily withstand light moisture, such as short moments in light rain. However, the shoe will become saturated after a long enough time in precipitation, and water will eventually get through. A waterproof shoe, on the other hand, will not get saturated and let water through. It is designed to be out in wet conditions for long periods of time. At Icebug, we use membranes with GORE-TEX and BUGdri technologies in our waterproof shoes. If you want to be outside in wet conditions and have guaranteed dry feet, investing in waterproof shoes is a must!

What is a waterproof membrane?

A waterproof membrane is a thin layer of waterproof material that goes over the upper of the shoe to make it watertight. This membrane fulfills two functions in waterproof shoes: it prevents rain and water from getting into the shoe, while it also transports moisture and excess heat out. This keeps your feet dry and comfortable, even during physical activity.

Stay on your feet when it is slippery

Rain and snow quickly make outside surfaces slippery. Luckily, Icebug waterproof shoes feature our revolutionary traction technologies. Which shoe is best for you depends on the weather you’ll be going out in. If you only use the shoe during spring, summer and autumn, chose shoes with RB9X in the name. RB9X is our own rubber compound which provides good grip on both wet and dry surfaces. This outsole is an excellent choice if you don’t plan on walking on snow and ice. If you are looking to be on snow and ice but aren’t looking for a pair of studded shoes, choose shoes with either Michelin or Biosole outsoles. Our Micheline soles are made from the same rubber as the tires from which they get their name and offer the same reliable un-studded grip. Our Biosole outsoles are made of a rubber mixture that mostly consists of natural rubber. This natural rubber sole stays soft even when it is cold outside, ensuring that you get an amazing grip on difficult terrain in all temperatures. If you want the best grip possible on ice and snow, you need a pair of our studded winter boots with BUGrip soles. Icebug BUGrip soles have dynamic carbide steel-tipped studs that provide exceptional grip on ice and snow. These studs also springing back into the sole while walking on asphalt and hard surfaces, providing a comfortable step no matter where you are. No matter what type of sole you choose on your waterproof shoes, you can be sure that shoes from Icebug always provide an outstanding grip.