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It's About Taking Responsibility

Unless we close our eyes, we know that we need to take action. Change is not only possible, it’s constant. So now is a good time to start shaping the future we want.

The starting point is simple: You can’t save the planet by buying Icebug shoes. Consumption consumes resources. But if you need a pair of shoes, we’re doing what we can to reduce the environmental damage, and choosing a better option sends a signal to the entire industry. The other side of the coin is maximizing positive impact. On the personal, societal and planetary level. Our purpose is to inspire and empower people to get outdoors, connecting with nature and getting healthier. To explore how we can develop good work and life, where people develop to fulfill their potential. And to be a change maker that drives the entire footwear industry to become less dirty.

In 2019, Icebug became the first “climate positive” outdoor footwear brand. From 2020 onwards, we offset all carbon emissions caused by 200%, also covering historical emissions since the start in 2001.


Blog: The Quest for a Sustainable Future

Our Mission

Icebug’s mission is to be a leader in transforming the industry, and indeed business as such, to become fully sustainable. That’s a tall order for a small independent Swedish brand in a dirty business. It will require cleaning up our act properly, sharing and co-operate on how it can be done, and make it easier and more fun to make better choices.

We commit to the 1,5 degrees target

Our pledge in 2018: “Climate positive” by 2020 and onwards
Achieved ''climate positive'' target in March 2019
Emissions caused 2021/22: 3 992 tonnes CO2e
Offset for 2021/22: 8 260 tonnes CO2e
Total offsets: 58 411 tonnes CO2e
Reduction targets: >50% reduction of carbon footprint latest by 2030 and >50% renewable energy in Tier 1 factories by 2022.

Materials are chosen with care

If we can prove to other giants in the industry that this is actually good for the business, then we have made a real impact

We’re not perfect, but we can’t wait with talking about what we plan to do until we are

We want your input

We’re not perfect, but we can’t waste time talking about what we plan to do until we are. We will be transparent about our success and shortcomings – just ask. It’s time to hold us (and others) accountable, and this part of our website is meant to develop. Your input on what you want us to talk more about or dig deeper in will help us make it useful for real.

This is how we reduce our climate footprint.

We at Icebug are serious about our climate work. We follow the UN's Climate Neutral Now initiative, measure the entire company's greenhouse gas emissions, and constantly change materials and processes to get a lower climate footprint. Our shoes will have a climate footprint lower than 6.4 kilos of CO2 per pair by 2030. Along the way, we share our materials and suppliers through our initiative for transparency, Follow the Footprints.


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