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Icebug – more than just a company

At Icebug, we want a better world and the best workplace.

An essential step towards creating this was taken in 2016 when we moved from downtown Gothenburg to the old factories in Jonsered. We work next to a nature reserve, only 11 minutes by commuter train from Gothenburg Central Station.

Our office is where creativity and well-being are given space and time. We have a yoga studio, changing rooms with shower and sauna, and miles and miles of forest, trails, and lakes. We also have flexible working hours and a very generous wellness allowance. We are alone in Sweden (as far as we know?) with three hours of mandatory weekly exercise during work hours. But don't worry! There is no pressure or requirement for performance. Fresh air and a little movement in your chosen form always make you better and more alert.

Otherwise? We light a fire in our fireplace, argue about which coffee we should have, play table tennis, run, walk, eat a lot of snacks - and work hard but smart. Since 2018, our work has been conducted according to an Icebug version of the Scrum model. Cross-functional teams work together. Agile and dynamic, always focusing on the highest possible value for Icebug.

Icebug is a privately owned company where it’s never far between people or roles. If someone in our customer service needs to know something about a specific shoe model, they can walk a few meters to the person who designed the shoe and ask.

Vacancies at Icebug

All vacancies at Icebug are listed here. Our head office is located in Jonsered, just outside Gothenburg, and our Concept Store is located in central Gothenburg, Sweden.

Right now we have nothing available. But you are most welcome to send a spontaneous application.

You never know when something might become available. Email your spontaneous application to, and we may contact you soon!

We use our business to do good

Icebug are committed to making better shoes that help you get out every day – no matter the conditions. Also, we have decided to change our industry by taking responsibility for our footprint. Our goal is to make footwear with great durability, low CO2 emissions and respect for people and planet. Part of the money that you invest in us, we give back to the planet by donating to organizations that, for instance, work to preserve old-growth forests.