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Warm, comfortable, and durable men's winter boots

With Icebug shoes on your feet, you don’t have to worry about slipping or freezing. You will find both studded and un-studded shoes for winter running, hiking, and outdoor activities – as well as a wide range of everyday shoes for the winter. Our shoes are designed and developed in Jonsered, Sweden with the aim of leaving a minimal climate footprint, while also lasting many years.

Do I need studded winter boots?

We sell winter boots for men both with and without steel studs. There is no generic answer for which sole to choose. Which boot is right for you depends on where you’ll be wearing them. A simple guideline is to start from what winter tires you put on your car. If you live in a place where it rarely gets slippery due to ice and snow, you can probably manage with un-studded winter tires. In this case, a pair of un-studded winter boots with a rubber sole is a good option. However, if you live further north or in a place where conditions are often slippery, then you should have shoes with steel studs. A pair of studded winter boots has many advantages over a set of loose spikes. Studded boots have better grip, offer more comfort, and last much longer.

Which of Icebug's men's winter boots has the best grip?

If you live where it is rarely slippery, your needs will be well met by un-studded winter shoes with rubber soles. At Icebug, we offer two different un-studded outsole options for our winter shoes: Michelin and BioSole. Our shoes with Michelin in the name have an outsole from Michelin. They feature the same rubber compound and pattern as Michelin's un-studded winter tires. These outsoles are well equipped for providing reliable traction on unsteady terrain. BioSole is our latest innovation; it’s our own rubber compound that is mainly made of natural rubber, rather than a synthetic alternative. Natural rubber stays soft at low temperatures, which helps them maintain a better foothold on slippery surfaces. This makes shoes with BioSole outsoles perfectly suited for providing reliable grip in a cold winter climate. For our best grip ever, choose a shoe with our BUGrip outsole. Feel the powerful grip of carbide steel-tipped studs that provide an incredibly good grip on both ice and slick surfaces. The studs also spring into the sole when you walk on hard surfaces, giving you a high level of comfort when walking on asphalt. These studs are almost impossible to wear out!

Winter boots for men with a low climate footprint

We have taken it upon ourselves to challenge the shoe industry and drive development towards making it more sustainable. We actively work to reduce our climate footprint. You can see this effort in practice in our winter shoes. As much as possible, we try to use recycled or bio-based materials. In our winter shoes you will find, for example, algae from eutrophied lakes, recycled PET bottles, recycled fishing nets, and recycled wool residues from Swedish clothing production. For the emissions we still cause in the climate, we compensate our carbon footprint by 200%.

Choose the right winter boot

If you are having difficulty deciding which winter boot is best for you, our friendly customer service will be happy to help you! They will quickly help you make a good choice, so that you can soon have a new favorite pair of boots this winter.