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Walking shoes - comfortable and stylish shoes for long walks

Walking shoes are a must for anyone who loves long walks. These shoes are designed to provide optimal comfort and support for your feet. Whether you're walking the city streets or on a hiking trail, proper footwear is crucial for a comfortable and relaxed walk.

With a pair of good walking shoes on their feet, each person can walk at a pace comfortable for them. Icebug is a major player in women's walking shoes, and we're happy to help you find the best shoes for you.

Can you use walking shoes in winter?

If there's one thing we at Icebug know, it's winter shoes. We have many walking shoes that are perfect to use when there is snow and ice outside. You just need to decide which type of sole your shoes should have; studded or non-studded? We usually recommend that you choose in the same way as you choose tires for your car. You should choose a winter-adapted rubber sole if you live somewhere that rarely has ice. Icebug's rubber soles from Michelin are great for these climates. If you want to walk even when it's very icy, we recommend a pair of walking shoes with Icebug's dynamic steel studs BUGrip.

Find the right women's walking shoes

It is important to choose the shoes you think are comfortable. After all, you want to be able to wear them for a long time. You want the shoes to provide great grip while supporting your foot and a natural stride. You should also choose walking shoes that are made of durable materials, and that are made with consideration for the environment.

Beautiful women's walking shoes from Icebug

At Icebug you will find women's walking shoes for all seasons. Eli RB9X is a well-loved sneaker with an airy mesh upper. It is perfect for city life and comes in several beautiful colors. Eide ReWool Biosole is a comfortable wool sneaker that is perfect for walking most of the year. Its upper is made of recycled wool, making it great for regulating temperature as the seasons change. For winter walks, the world's best-selling studded shoe, Metro2 BUGrip is a very popular choice among women of all ages.

Can running shoes be used as walking shoes?

Of course, they can. Using running shoes as walking shoes is popular among those who prefer a sportier feel. For example, Aura RB9X and Arcus RB9X are two models that are designed to be running shoes, but which work equally well for brisk walks, power walks, and easier hiking in forests and fields.

The best shoes for walking

There are some key things to consider when choosing walking shoes. Good women's walking shoes should be able to be used during many long walks without your legs or feet getting tired. Therefore, the shoes must be stable enough and have enough support and cushioning to give you comfort throughout the day.