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Looking for new hiking boots?

Then you've come to the right place! Icebug makes comfortable hiking shoes for all seasons. Perhaps best known for our studded shoes, we also have a wide range of light, airy hiking boots for spring, summer, and fall use.

Does Icebug make hiking boots?

We at Icebug love being outdoors in all seasons – so of course we make hiking boots for men and women! We don’t just make studded hiking boots for winter; we also offer hiking boots designed for forest excursions and mountain hikes in warmer weather. As with all Icebug shoes, our hiking footwear was developed with the planet in mind, and we are actively working to reduce our climate footprint. We use many recycled materials in our models, which are also made to last long and be easy to repair. Some of our best-selling models for hiking are Icebug Rover RB9X GTX, Icebug Haze RB9X GTX, Icebug Larvik, Icebug Stavre GTX, and Icebug Adak ReWool. 

What are the best hiking boots?

It is difficult to say which shoes are best; it depends on how you use them and what support your feet need. The best hiking shoes for you are most likely not the same shoes as the best for your friend. Likewise, lightweight, low-top hiking shoes may be preferable for short day hikes, while sturdy hiking boots are a better option for long hikes while carrying a heavy pack. We have hiking boots made of leather and durable hiking boots made of textiles – there are options for everyone! Icebug makes hiking boots with standard lacing systems and several models with the BOA Fit System. The BOA closure makes it easy to put on and remove the shoes while ensuring they stay in place and maintain a perfect fit throughout the hike.

How do I find the right size of hiking boots?

An important aspect of being comfortable when hiking is to avoid chafing. To avoid chafing, it may be wise to have a slightly larger size than your everyday shoes. This allows you to use double layers of socks, reducing the risk of blisters and chafing.

Are there hiking boots with GORE-TEX®?

Yes! Icebug makes several hiking boots with a GORE-TEX® membrane to ensure that your feet and toes stay dry, even during long hikes. The advantages of GORE-TEX are that it is 100% waterproof, that is, no water penetrates through the outside of the material. At the same time, GORE-TEX has very good breathability, which allows moisture to escape from your hiking boots. You get a comfortable foot climate in the shoe, where your foot stays dry and feels good.

What hiking boots should I wear in winter?

We think Icebug makes the best hiking boots for winter. We are grip experts and have a wide range of studded hiking boots that are waterproof and perform well in low temperatures. But we don’t just sell studded boots; we have several models with rubber soles that provide a good combination of grip and comfort that are perfect for less icy conditions. If you are unsure which model suits you best, please contact our customer service. They are happy to help you find the right model for your needs.