Dynamic insoles that keep your feet alert


Dynamic insoles that keep your feet alert

Like orthopedic insoles – at a fraction of the price!

Icebug Insoles are Swedish products based on a world patent from Ortolab, Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of orthopedic footbeds. They are supportive and flexible insoles that you can easily transfer between different shoes.

This is how you can easily find the right insole for you:

Adapted to your arch

Icebug Insoles are an easy way to get a good insole without breaking the bank. Instead of spending time and money buying expensive custom-made soles, you choose a size, thickness, and arch height that suits you – and then it's done!

80% of all users wear MEDIUM. If you have a flat foot or a very high arch that you already know about, you should choose LOW or HIGH, respectively.


Icebug Insoles are designed to embrace the natural movement of the foot and provide stability in each step. They offer dynamic support to the arches of the foot without inhibiting its range of motion. Icebug Insoles effectively protect the arches of the foot from collapsing while allowing the foot muscles to work and maintain strength.


Slim insoles from Icebug are an extra thin version of our footbed. Slim insoles fit nicely in everything from soccer and running shoes to sneakers and other everyday shoes with a smaller heel cup and a tight fit. The footbed provides the same good support as Icebug’s Comfort insoles but takes up slightly less space because it is only 2 mm high.


This is the footbed for people looking for extra cushioning. Comfort insoles combine shock absorption with the unique dynamic support Icebug insoles offer. Comfort fits most shoes that are not excessively tight and feature a removable insole. Comfort is 5 mm high with an extra layer of shock-absorbing Poliyou®.

Who should wear Icebug Insoles?

Whether you are an elite athlete, stand and walk a lot at work, or are active outdoors, Icebug Insoles will improve your foot health. These insoles provide proper support exactly where it is needed throughout the entire step. It reduces the risk of injury, increases stamina, and gives your feet a more comfortable everyday life. Icebug footbeds are aimed at all types of users, not just those with problems with their feet. Everyone can benefit from increased comfort in their shoes!

Three good things about insoles from Icebug

1. For the transverse arch:

At first, it may feel a little different, but once you get used to the "little cushion" placed under the front footwell, you will appreciate it. It causes muscles and tendons that have been inactive to start working again.

The entire body weight rests on the foot in the middle of the step. The pad then provides dynamic support to the front arch of the foot and thus promotes its natural movement pattern.

2. For the longitudinal arch of the foot:

When the body weight is shifted forward, the arches of the feet are flattened to absorb the shocks. The dynamics of the sole help the arches regain their natural shape while allowing the foot muscles to work and develop strength.

3. For the heel:

When weight is shifted to the heels, the soft layer of the sole is compressed. This collects the fat pad in the heel and improves shock absorption.

Problems that can be prevented with Icebug insoles:

  • Inflammation in tendon attachment, a precursor to heel spurs

  • Health tendinitis

  • Runner’s knee

  • Nerve entrapment with sunken anterior arch (Morton's toe or Morton's neuroma)

  • Deformed bunion (Hallux valgus)

  • Periosteal problems

  • Wear and tear in the base joint of the big toe (Hallux rigidus)

  • Trampled heel cushion

  • Trampled longitudinal foot arch

  • Hip and lower back problems