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We keep our eyes open for innovations that can offer both quality and that minimize our environmental impact

When sourcing new materials to incorporate in our products we want materials that can withstand a lot of wear and tear so they can be used for as long as possible, as the most sustainable way of consuming is to buy only what is needed and to keep it for several years, to take care of the product, repair it when needed and to give it away for reuse when you no longer need it. This is a big responsibility from the consumer side, but it’s an even bigger responsibility on us to find materials that are durable enough to be able to be used, repaired and reused over and over again.

We also need to consider other things, such as if the material properties suit the actual purpose of the shoes. If it needs to withstand water, wind and provide warmth, or if it should be cool for sunny and warm days. Comfort is of course also a significant factor, because if the shoes are not comfortable nobody will buy them, and it is not sustainable to create a product that nobody wants to have. We also try to find mono-materials, which means that different fibers are not mixed to better prepare the product for future recycling possibilities. The main reason for, for example, natural- and synthetic-fibers are to enhance the material properties of the textile, improving the functionality and use, but what you lose is, for example, the biodegradable qualities or the recycling possibilities.

Whenever it is possible we use recycled material, sometimes it is possible to use 100% recycled content, but other times we can only use for example 20%. This is because recycled material can reduce the strength of a fiber, or affect the bonding and tear resistance of rubber.

A lot of our time goes to finding materials that suit our requirements, and we always keep our eyes open for innovations that can offer both quality and that minimize our environmental impact. It is, of course, a challenge to balance great functionality and durability, yet having a sustainable material. We source and develop materials together with our suppliers and cooperate with our colleagues in the outdoor industry to push the development of better materials.


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