Cheap, smart, fun – discover outdoor cooking!


Cheap, smart, fun – discover outdoor cooking!

In a time when we consume too much and live too little, while everything is getting more expensive, it's important to find smart ways to add spark to our lives – without leaving a deep impact on our wallets or the planet. This is exactly what Icebug ambassador Hanna Olvenmark, @portionenundertian, does the best.

One of Hanna's best everyday tricks is to eat her meals outdoors. She enjoys it so much that she has written an entire book about it. In this text, we're happy to share Hanna's best hacks for successful outdoor meals.

Hanna, what do you enjoy so much about eating outdoors?

"I think it's a wonderful way to bring more adventure into everyday life. Having dinner indoors may not feel like that 'little something extra' in a routine that keeps rolling. But eating outdoors truly is! Additionally, it's an inexpensive and sustainable activity. Since I had my children, it's a way to make the most of the evening, where the kids can play and go straight to bed when we get home. The fact that the food tastes better is also a bonus!"

What is your best tip for outdoor cooking without complicating things?

"Do you have a dish that you easily cook at home? Like your favorite pasta? Cook it outdoors! It often feels easy to do what you're already familiar with. You don't need many different tools, but you can do a lot with a camping stove. If you don't have your own, you could borrow one. Make a small checklist before each trip so you remember everything, and tick things off! If you don't want to cook outside but still want to eat out, there are plenty of delicious things to prepare at home and take in a lunchbox."

Hanna Olvenmark's favorite dishes to eat outdoors:


"A dish where you throw everything in and cook it in one pot. My favorite is with rice or noodles, red curry, chickpeas, ginger, zucchini, and more. Oh, it's so delicious!"

Hand pies

"Hand pies are fantastic picnic food; they can be prepared at home and taste magically delicious outdoors. Don't forget a tasty sauce to dip the hand pies in!"

Ice cream!

"Put ice cream in a thermos and head to a beautiful spot. There's no more luxurious way to eat ice cream. Bringing ice cream is also a great way to impress your company!"

Hanna's favorite shoe

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