a person in blue Icebug sneakers walking in the cliffs
Our Shoes

Eli RB9X

Our Shoes

Eli RB9X

Perfect fit, perfect grip

Eli RB9X is Icebug’s most popular sneaker, made for active summer days and loved for its airy upper and maximum comfort.

Many describe Eli as the most comfortable shoe they have had, but that doesn’t mean that it compromises on performance. Eli has an upper made of 100% recycled polyester, algae in the midsole for cushioning, and an outsole made with the same rubber as our running shoes, which guarantees good grip on rocks, boats, and jetties.

Eli is machine washable and is available this year in nine different colors.

Throw them in the washing machine

You can run Eli in the washing machine without any problems to keep them looking and feeling nice for longer.

  • Put the shoes in with some towels protecting the machine's drum.

  • Run at 30 degrees with your usual detergent.

  • Remove the insole and let it dry. Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.

  • Done!


13% bio based materials

34% recycled materials

9 kg CO2 eqv. per pair

a person wearing green Icebug shoes walking down a sidewalk

We use our business to do good

At Icebug, we’re committed to making better shoes that help you get out every day – no matter the conditions. Also, we have decided to change our industry by taking responsibility for our footprint. Our goal is to make footwear with great durability, low CO2 emissions and respect for people and planet. Part of the money that you invest in us, we give back to the planet by donating to organizations that, for instance, work to preserve old-growth forests.