General Terms and Conditions for races arranged by Icebug


These general terms and conditions (”General Terms”) apply to races arranged by Icebug. The terms ”Icebug”, ”we”, “our” and ”us” refer Icebug AB, VAT No. SE556545261101, Fabriksstråket 35, 43376 Jonsered, Sweden. The terms “race” or “races” refer to timed running competitions and other types of events that we arrange.

By registering for one of our races, you agree to our General Terms. If you register a person other than yourself for a race, you are responsible for ensuring that this person has read and followed our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change and update the terms and conditions.

Participation in some of our races requires the participant to be of a certain age. Any age limitations for our races can be seen in the registration for the race. If you are below the age of 18 at the time of registration, a legal guardian must approve your registration.

Note that there may be a time limit (cut-off time) for the completion of our races and you are aware of and accept that we may end a race before you have reached the finish line. Time limits are stated in official information for the race in question.

We do our very best to provide as accurate information as possible. However, the flow of information surrounding our races may be subject to unintentional errors. We reserve the right to make changes to the race if we consider this necessary.

Refunds and Right to withdraw

Registration for Icebug’s races forms a binding agreement between us and the registered person. We do not offer a refund of the starting fee in case of injury or illness.

In the event of injury or illness, you may be able to get your starting fee refunded through your insurance company if you hold sports accident/sports travel insurance. When partaking in a race outside your country of residence we recommend that you ensure full coverage of accidentals. We do not allow participants to substitute their registration for one event for a different one.

We are using RaceID for our registrations. When registering you can choose the RaceID refundable booking. Read more about how a refundable booking works here.

Icebug has no obligation to reimburse the starting fee or to pay damages or compensation because one of our races is canceled. The purchase of a starting place in sports events on a specific day or for a specified period of time is exempt from the right of withdrawal according to Swedish law (2005: 59) regarding contracts and agreements outside of business premises.

No compensation will be offered for financial loss when booking a trip or accommodation in connection with our races. In these cases, we refer you to your insurance company.

If one of our races is canceled, you have the right to demand a refund of the entry fee, but not any registration fee. You do not have the right to demand other compensation from Icebug in connection with this.

Changing participant name

Registration for our races is personal and you may not let someone run the race in your name. We allow changing a participant’s name on registration free of charge. The person wishing to replace their registered name is responsible for finding their own replacement.

Note that it is only possible to change a participant’s name up to 10 days before the race takes place, or 1 day before the registration closes, whichever comes first. In order to carry out a name change or get more information about how to complete a change of participant, please contact us at When there is less than 1 day left of registration or less than 10 days left to the race, we do not accept changes to the name on the registration. If you are unable to participate in the race we refer you to your insurance company for any refund of the entry fee.

Personal data

By approving these General Terms you agree that your name, gender, date of birth, club, city, and nationality will be published in our starting and results lists. If you for personal reasons do not want to appear in starting or results lists, you must notify us by e-mail: Include which race(s) the request refers to.

We will process your personal information when you register for one of our races. We ask you to read Icebug’s personal data policy.

In order to register for our races, you must complete all mandatory fields at registration. We need your correct e-mail address to send you a registration confirmation, proof of entry/bib number, and other relevant information regarding the races.

Your e-mail address is used, if you have approved this, to send out newsletters from Icebug. You can unsubscribe from these e-mails at any time by contacting our customer services at or clicking the unsubscribe link in one of the newsletters.

Marketing and photography

We will have photographers at our races that take photos and shoot film. By accepting these General Terms, you agree that photos and films from our races may be used by Icebug for marketing purposes on websites, in social media, in advertisements, and in printed media. You also agree that Icebug’s partners at the race in question use photos and film from the race for the purpose of marketing other races arranged by Icebug, without you making any demands to receive compensation. Partners for the race in question can always be found on the race's website. Please read Icebug’s personal data policy.

If you do not want to be seen in race pictures and/or films you can notify us by e-mail: Include your name, start number, registered e-mail, and the race in question. We take into consideration images where you can be clearly identified, but not mass images where you are one out of many participants.

Confirmation of registration

When you have completed your registration we will send you a confirmation by e-mail. To ensure that you have provided accurate information, always check the confirmation as soon as possible and notify us if something is wrong. If you do not receive a confirmation within 5 minutes, please check your junk e-mail before contacting us at

Force Majeure

Icebug should not be held responsible for any injury or damage occurring as a result of a violation of these General Terms, or any breach of rules or instructions that apply to our races.

By accepting these General Terms, you agree that you participate in our races at your own risk and that we are therefore not responsible for any injury you might sustain during your participation in one of our races. We are furthermore not responsible for any damage that may occur to clothing or equipment that you wear or use during a race. We are not responsible for personal belongings brought to the race. We are not responsible for valuables.

Icebug is exempt from liability in the event of a natural disaster, war, acts of governments or other authorities, or any other comparable event beyond our control, which could not reasonably be foreseen and which affects the promises made on our part – for example, our ability to arrange a race.

If one of our races is canceled due to an event beyond our control or with regard to the participants’ safety, you are not entitled to claim a refund of the starting fee or require other compensation from Icebug.

When participating in a race outside your country of residence, you should always ensure that you have sufficient insurance to cover any damages and healthcare expenses in that country.


If you are not satisfied with one of our races, please contact us at If you are not satisfied then you can contact the Swedish Public Advisory Board, Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm, Sweden, or the EU Commission’s online dispute resolution platform: We do not undertake to participate in alternative dispute resolution procedures but will take a final stand on this issue in any dispute arising from it.