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Icebug Torne

Torne 2

Cold feet? Not anymore! Torne is our warmest winter boot, made to cope with long, cold days in snow. The inside of this tall boot is insulated with wool, the outside is made from suede, recycled textile and bluesign-certified polyester.

The insole is made from wool waste from Swedish Woolpower and a protective GORE-TEX membrane keeps the feet dry. This winter boot makes wonderful days in deep snow possible. Perfect for sledding, pimp fishing or a trip with the snowmobile. You choose what traction technology you want. Torne is available both with studs and with Icebug's biosole grip rubber. Live winter life to the fullest - without cold feet!

Torne BUGrip GTX


9% bio based materials

28% recycled materials

22 kg CO2 eqv. per pair

Torne BUGrip GTX


Insole is made of BLOOM® foam EVA and has a lining of recycled wool.

Upper is made of Suede leather that is gold-rated by LWG.

Milspeed inner heel and toe reinforcements made of 60 % recycled plastic. 11 – 12 % of which are recycled nylon fishing nets.

20 % recycled rubber outsole.

It's pretty simple.

We at Icebug say “yes” to reduced emissions, knowledge sharing, and increased transparency. We say “no” to inbound air freight and greenwashing, and we don't make small ''green collections.'' We say “yes” to what is good for the planet and “no” to actions that are purely about making a profit.

We take the Paris Agreement seriously. Our carbon dioxide emissions will be at least halved by 2030, which in our case means that each pair of shoes we produce must have a climate footprint lower than 6 kilos of CO2. We have come a long way but must continue to reduce the climate footprint for every pair of shoes by an average of 0.7 kilos of CO2 per year. This is something we work very hard for every day - and have a clear plan for. We are also involved in several other issues that we believe are important for creating a more sustainable shoe industry.

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