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How to measure your foot and find your size!

How to measure your foot and find your size!

Measure your foot, and it will be a lot easier to choose the correct size of your Icebug shoes!

Follow these steps:

Place a piece of paper on the floor next to a wall.

Stand on the paper with the heel touching the wall and put your weight on the foot.

Draw a line along the foot’s contour, then draw a line in front of your longest toe.

It’s good to measure both feet as people in general have one foot longer than the other.

Measure as precise as you can, in millimeters.

If you plan to wear thick socks you should add some millimeters to make sure the shoe is not too narrow/tight.

Please note that there are different charts for different models – you will find the correct size chart on each product page. 

Feel free to contact our Customer Relations Team if you have further questions.