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West coast trail

Your Xperience


Make your own xperience.

Icebug Xperience suits everybody. You can run it or walk it. Alone, with a friend, with your kids or with your colleagues. Stay in a seaside cabin or at a spa hotel, bring your caravan, a houseboat or a tent to enjoy the full power of the Swedish right of public access. Either way, you’ll have the time of your life.

Explore a unique landscape.

Icebug Xperience is located in Bohuslän, which according to us is the most beautiful place in the world. You can find an endless amount of trail races that take place in forests or mountains, but we don’t know any other race where you can inhale the sea breeze while running or walking along the cliffs with the salty ocean water splashing against your face. We can assure you that walking or running up to six hours a day in this stunning environment is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Take your time.

We have two big recommendations for people visiting Icebug Xperience. Number one is to use shoes with great traction – but hey, that’s our day job! The second recommendation is not to stress. We assure you will get the best experience if you let yourself enjoy the stages, instead of chasing times. We take care of everything for you, so you can do what you love most. We can help you with accommodation, food and even take care of your kids while you’re collecting memories in the wilderness.

You won’t leave hungry.

The only thing better than a running session is the meal after the running session – so we put food trucks at the finish line each day to provide our participants with the best food the Swedish west coast has to offer. Get ready to savour some high-quality fresh vegetables, seafood and meat. All food is produced by professional chefs and made with organic and locally produced ingredients.

Bring your kids.

Icebug Xperience is an event for the whole family and our mission is for every kid to leave Bohuslän with the same excitement as you. Your kids will have the possibility to go fishing, kayaking, geocaching and a lot of other wonderful outdoor activities. We also assure you your kids will be in safe hands under the supervision of our experienced outdoor guides.

Bring your friends.

We want Icebug Xperience to be something that you share with the ones you love most. So: bring your friends! The official race village at Ramsvik offers a lot of seaside cabins, which is a great place to share accommodation with your friends or family. So: bring your friends! Or find some new ones here.


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