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A New Experience. The whole purpose of Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail is to show you that a race can be so much more than a race. In our world, a race is more than the blood, sweat and tears you produce between the start and finish line. Therefore, we invented a race that doesn’t end at the finish line. In fact, the finish line is just the start of something new. Welcome to Bohuslän.

Not Your Average Race.

Icebug Xperience is an event where your primary objective is to collect everlasting memories. You’ll meet runners from over 30 countries for three days, while you’re doing the best thing you know. You’ll be running some of the best trails Europe has to offer, seeing some of the most stunning surroundings in the world and you’ll be eating some top-notch quality food that you will be dreaming about for the rest of your life. 3 days. 3 different courses. 75K in total. And thousands of beautiful memories.


The race is divided into three different categories. You can enter the walking group if you want some extra time to enjoy the sceneries, The Running group if you want to run at full speed or if you just want some world-class trail running at your own pace, or the Run/Walk group if you want to walk some parts and run some parts. The Running group starts first for a clear path to the finish line. Then it is the Walking group and as the third group, we have Run/Walk. You can change your chosen group during Icebug Xperience; you can join the Walking group one day and join the Run/Walk group the next day. If you have to step out of the race at one of the stages, you can still do the next stage, but without having your name in the “final results”.



The Running group is for you that runs most of the course. Here you will have some word-class trail running for three days. The Running group starts first of all starting groups with a clear path all the way these three days. We recommend this group if you have run a trail-run of 20 km in under three hours.



The Walk group is for you that love to hike in the fantastic scenery of Bohuslän. Have a rest at some of the most stunning vantage points that West Sweden has to offer. You may walk with your friends, with your dog or just by yourself enjoying the tranquillity. This group will start 15 minutes after the Running group every day. The typic Hiker used about 4-6 hours at each stage 2021 (a bit longer day 2)



The popular starting group Run/Walk is for everyone that needs some good time at the trail course, for everyone that wants some time to enjoy the beautiful scenery. This group is popular when you run with friends, with youths, or with your dog. The Run/Walk starts after the Walking group, and you will reach the finish line at the perfect time for a late lunch We recommend this group for you who needs about 3-4 hours at a 20km trail.

What's Included?

Our starting fee includes shuttle buses from the finish line to the start every day, and a delicious lunch served at the finish line each day. The starting fee also includes a fold-a-cup from Wildo, a tee, a wooden medal, and bus transportation between the event and Munkedal train station. The sooner you sign up, the cheaper it will be! The sooner you sign up, the cheaper it will be.

October 25th - March 31th: 2 195 SEK
April 1st - May 14th: 2 395 SEK
May 15th - August 15th: 2 595 SEK
Late registration from August 16th: 2795 SEK

Kids Camp:
1 child 1 500 SEK,
2 children 2 500 SEK,
3 children 3 500 SEK

Sustainability Sustainability is something we really care about at Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail. We want the event to grow organically together with the area, to market Bohuslän as an all year-destination. We work with local entrepreneurs and our vision is that everything consumed at the event is made by organic and locally produced ingredients. In 2023 we will skip the meat and provide tastefully vegetarian lunchboxes during all three days!


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