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Running Shoes

Running should be fun – wearing the right shoes will decide. We have running shoes for both world champions and beginners.

Running Shoes

Icebug has a wide range of running shoes. We have long been the largest in winter, internationally known for our studded shoes, but we have shoes for all seasons and surfaces. Icebug makes well-cushioned shoes suitable for beginners and everyday exercisers and trail running shoes ideal for running on trails and in terrain. We have both minimalist trail shoes and trail shoes with cushioning. We have shoes with a patterned rubber sole and shoes with steel studs. Choose what suits you best!

Which running shoe should you choose?

Whether you are a beginner, someone who runs on cycle paths, an experienced trail runner, or a sea-wild orienteer, we have the shoes that make running a little easier.


Find the right running shoe


Find the right studded running shoe


Icebug provides people with the best possible traction to empower them to have fun and be safe when continuing to be active outdoors, even when it's slippery. We are proud to say that our core users range from world champions to those who need a walker to get to the mailbox. With our patented carbide tip stud technologies, Icebug is the expert in providing the highest level of traction for extreme slippery conditions. By adding RB9X® to our traction technology, we're setting the benchmark for the best “sticky rubbers” available on the market. Whether you're taking a mid-winter stroll or racing for gold in a midsummer trail run, we've got a grip for you.


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