OrganoTex ShoeWax Leather Wax (100 ml)

Efficient and multifunctional water repellent wax that moisturizes, protects, and polishes the leather. Maintains the leather’s breathability and extends its service life.

15.95 USD

Detailed information
Dull leather gets a bit more of a shine. OrganoTex’s innovative products are inspired by nature’s own chemistry. The wax consists of 100% bio-based raw materials, and they are all readily biodegradable.

Contains: Plant wax, vegetable extract, beeswax and argan extract.

- 100% bio-based content
- 100% readily biodegradable raw materials
- Free from PFAS, Palm Oil and Paraffin

1) Clean the leather with a damp cloth or brush
2) Distribute the wax evenly with your fingers or a cloth
3) Wait a couple of minutes, then lightly polish with a cloth

Packaging: Aluminum jar with screw cap
Sorting: Recycle container as aluminum
Volume: 100 ml / approx. 80 grams of wax

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