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Mosi RB9X

Our Shoes

Mosi RB9X

Hello Mosi!

What happens if we take our most popular summer shoe Eli and mix it with our knowledge of comfortable walking shoes? The result is Mosi RB9X!

The new Mosi RB9X is an airy, beautiful summer shoe that is great for long summer walks.

A little more stable - same airy feeling

Mosi has the same simple lines and airy design as Eli but contains hidden technical details. The way the upper part is sewn, the stability reinforcement on the inside, the grippy outsole, and an incredibly comfortable midsole give a shoe that fits perfectly and gives the feet a good experience during several hours of movement.

The name "Mosi” comes from a nature reserve in Hälsingland, filled with cobblestone fields and pines.

To get to this reserve requires a longer walk. Fitting, considering the hole Mosi RB9X fills in our summer collection! It’s like a relative of the Eli but with stable properties for longer trips on foot.

As always with Icebug, each shoe model is made with carefully selected materials. The upper part of Mosi is made of mesh from 100% recycled PET. The midsole contains BLOOM®Foam, which is made from recycled algae, restoring ecosystems and cleaning water and air. In the toe and heel reinforcements, there are recycled fishing nets. Mosi also comes with Icebug's RB9X grip rubber for superb grip on wet rocks and boat decks.


14% bio based materials

36% recycled materials

10 kg CO2 eqv. per pair

We use our business to do good

At Icebug, we’re committed to making better shoes that help you get out every day – no matter the conditions. Also, we have decided to change our industry by taking responsibility for our footprint. Our goal is to make footwear with great durability, low CO2 emissions and respect for people and planet. Part of the money that you invest in us, we give back to the planet by donating to organizations that, for instance, work to preserve old-growth forests.


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