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Icebug’s innovative steel studs

BUGrip is the name of Icebug's grip technology for the most slippery conditions. A BUGrip sole is made from a special rubber compound with 13-19 integrated carbide tipped steel studs. The design of the studs, together with the properties of the rubber, gives these studs a dynamic function. The studs work individually and are not entirely fixed.

When body weight is added during a step, the studs are pushed into the surface of the sole. How far they are pushed depends on the surface type and how forcefully the foot is placed. The dynamic function allows the studs to adapt to any surface and provide the best possible traction on everything from dry asphalt to wet wood and clean ice – without reducing comfort. All of our winter shoes with BUGrip® in the name come with steel studs.

I lost a stud. Can I still use my pair of Icebugs?

The purpose of BUGrip is to provide traction on slippery surfaces. Manufacturing soles with this technology is a complex process, the most essential component being rubber. Since rubber is a natural material, controlling the entire manufacturing process is impossible, and the sole may lose some studs prematurely. Therefore, BUGrip soles are designed to have an excess of studs.

The function of the sole technology is maintained even if 3-4 studs are lost from a sole. After use in wet conditions, the heads and sides of the studs may be coated with a layer of surface rust. However, the part of the stud that is relevant for providing grip is the carbide steel tip, which is not affected by surface rust.

Warning: We cannot guarantee that you will never slip. Products with BUGrip are not recommended for indoor use or on vulnerable surfaces.

Can you replace the studs on Icebug shoes?

Thanks to the durable carbide steel tip, you'd have to work hard to wear out the BUGrip studs. However, you may lose a stud or two, but this won't compromise functionality. You can easily reinstall a new stud using glue if you lose one. Replacement studs are provided free of charge by Icebug's customer service. Please read more here to see how to proceed.