Which running shoe should you choose?

a group of people running down a trail in the forest wearing Icebug running shoes

Running should be fun – wearing the right shoes will decide. We have running shoes for both world champions and beginners. With this guide we hope to make it a little easier to find the right pair.

Aura RB9X

Welcome to a new world of smooth and lovely running. The new Aura RB9X offers our most maximized cushioning ever. With an airy, lightweight mesh upper, your feet will enjoy the run as much as you, even on hard surfaces. The outsole in our RB9X grip rubber has a shallow sole pattern, designed with asphalt running in mind, and a rear split to create a softer landing for those who land on the heel.

Arcus RB9X

Arcus is developed to make running as comfortable as possible. The shoe has very generous cushioning and a large midsole to ensure your comfort. Arcus features an EVA midsole to help evenly distribute your weight and provide stability as you run. The shape of the Arcus is made to give you a nice ''roll'' as you run, driving your step forward and relieving the pressure on your heels.

Arcus is available with our without GORE-TEX.

Pytho6 RB9X

'Pytho6 RB9X is a high-performance trail running shoe designed to take on any terrain. Pytho6 features advanced grip technology and a lightweight design. Its comfortable fit means you can tackle your most challenging trails with confidence.

Whether you're a seasoned trail runner or just starting, the Pytho6 RB9X is the perfect shoe. With its superior RB9X-traction, lightweight design, and comfortable fit, Pytho6 lets you run further, faster, and more confidently than ever before.

Horizon RB9X

Goodbye asphalt, hello forest! Horizon is Icebug's stepping stone to the trails. Having a few less technical details than the OutRun, the price tag for the Horizon is a little a lower, making the Horizon a perfect running shoe for you who are exploring trails for the first time.

Horizon is well-cushioned with an airy upper and is best suited for simpler surfaces. But Horizon’s versatility won’t let you down on the narrow paths. You’ll be running with confidence on the best unstudded grip on the market – Icebug's RB9X rubber.

Acceleritas8 RB9X

Light as a feather, fast as a weasel. Acceleritas is Icebug's lightest trail shoe and is suited for you who love minimalistic running. Acceleritas brings you close to the ground and allows you to feel every step. Almost like running barefoot but with added protection for your feet and aggressive grip for your sole.

Low weight, low drop (4 mm), narrow last and maximum grip are the hallmarks of our best-selling Acceleritas. The RB9X sole provides excellent grip even on wet surfaces. The shoe absorbs minimal water making it well suited for swimrun, OCR and orienteering. Acceleritas is also the first choice for everyone involved in agility.

Spirit8 OLX

One of Icebug's true classics! Spirit is a shoe adapted for orienteering and tough trail running. Its fixed steel studs OLX provides the best possible grip on roots, logs and rocks. Suitable for those who are looking for a narrow shoe that can withstand all sorts of conditions and terrain.

Low wet weight, exceptional durability and exceptional studs make Spirit8 OLX a favorite with orienteers worldwide. Spirit is developed together with the world's best orienteer of all time, Tove Alexandersson, winner of several World Cup golds. With Icebug’s fixed steel studs OLX under your feet, there is no surface where you have no grip. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Nothing. Feel free to prove us wrong!

Sisu OLX

Sisu is the first orienteering shoe with lacing from BOA Fit System, which adapts to the shape of your foot and ensures that the shoe sits as cast on the foot throughout the round. This also leads to Sisu getting an entirely new level of ground contact and better grip than any Icebug shoe has had before.

Are you worried that the lacing will break when you give the shoes a good run in the woods? You do not have to be that. Icebug Sisu is hard tested and is just as durable as our other models - and the lacing system from BOA Fit System also comes with a lifetime warranty.