Icebug Xperience

Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail 6-8 Sep, 2024

Icebug Xperience

Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail 6-8 Sep, 2024

Icebug West Coast Trail – A True trail adventure

West Coast Trail takes place in our favourite spot, the picturesque Ramsvik area in Bohuslän on the Swedish west coast. Icebug WCT is a trail running stage race where we cover 77 km of massive cliffs, narrow forest trails, seaside villages and beautiful beaches. The distance is split into three days of running and three different but equally beautiful courses.

As cliché as it may sound, WCT is not your average race - but an experience suited for anyone. Join the walk group if you want some extra time to soak up the beautiful surroundings, the running group if youre going to challenge yourself with world-class trail running, or the jog group if you want to do a little bit of both and walk some parts and run some.

Starting groups

When registering for WCT, we will ask you to choose a starting group.

If you aim to place yourself in the “top 50 runners” (men/women), you must start all of the stages at the Run group!

You may change starting groups during WCT; just talk to our friendly staff at the Race Village. You can even join the Walk group one day and change to the Jog group the next, depending on how you feel.



Enter the walk group if you plan to spend some extra time on the trails, but please remember that this is for walkers only who want to experience the scenery at a relaxed pace. The typical walker needs about 4-6 hours for each stage.



Select the jog group to combine walking and running. This is a popular group for those running with friends, youths, or dogs.



The run group starts first of all starting groups with a clear path all the way these three days. We recommend this group if you have run a trail-run of 20 km in under three hours.


Borrow a friends summer house, bring a tent or sleep in your sailboat during your stay here. There are many accommodation options in the Ramsvik area, such as hostels and camping grounds. We recommend our official accommodation partner, Ramsvik Stugby & Camping, with its lovely seaside location. This is where you will find our Race Village and the activities we have planned for you after the finish line. 

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What is included?

Our starting fee includes the following: 

  • Transfer from Ramsviks Camping to the starting line every morning.

  • Shuttle bus from the finish line back to the start or to Ramsviks Camping after racing.

  • Lunch is served at the finish line each day. 

  • A fold-a-cup to use at the energy stations during the race.

  • A WCT race t-shirt.

  • A wooden medal.

  • Bus transportation before and after WCT between Ramsvik and the nearest train station, Munkedal Station. Please note that you must notify us in advance by e-mail to use this transfer.

Price & Registration

Please find our price list below. The sooner you sign up, the nicer the price, so talk to your friends and register as quickly as you possibly can!

West Coast Trail 6-8 Sep, 2024
September 4th – September 10th
1 500 SEK
September 11th – March 31st
2 195 SEK
April 1st – May 14th
2 395 SEK
May 15th – August 15th
2 595 SEK
From August 16th
2 795 SEK
Kids Camp
1 child
1 500 SEK
2 children
2 500 SEK
3 children
3 500 SEK
For each additional child, a further 1 000 SEK.
Please note! Children enrolled in the Kids Camp should be at least 6 years old at the time of the event.
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The Course

Each day you’ll experience a new course. They are all equally beautiful, but with their own personality. The landscape is diverse. You’ll see rocky, quite technical peaks. You’ll run through enchanted forests and along the shores. You will also have the opportunity to see sights such the stunning old stonemasonry and experience the villages in the archipelago.


Hunnebo Haute

Ramsvik — Hunnebostrand: 21 km. View map


Woods & Islands

Bohus-Malmön – Kungshamn: 30 km.

View map


Ramsvik Rocks

Smögen – Ramsvik: 26 km.

View map

Welcome to Kids Camp! 

Are you travelling with company? For the younger ones, we provide what we call Kids Camp. While you run or walk the stages, the kids can try sailing, fishing and visiting the wildlife park Nordens Ark – all under the supervision of experienced outdoor guides. Our goal is that the kids will leave Bohuslän with an equal amount of excitement that you will feel, and of course, for a company of any age, there are plenty of fun to do and beautiful places to see in the area.

Age restriction: Children enrolled in the Kids Camp should be at least 6 years old at the time of the event.

The Location

The Bohuslän coast runs almost 280 kilometres along Western Sweden, from the city of Gothenburg all the way up to Norway. We love this archipelago, and it offers plenty of perfect stops for sunbathing, swimming, enjoying good food, water sports or relaxation. There are 8 000 islands off the coast, and the coastline is packed with small fishing villages between smooth granite rocks and lovely beaches.

For more information on Bohulän, visit the West Sweden website.

Race Information

Ramsviks Camping and beach is the heart of the Race during West Coast Trail, also called the Race Village. The Race Village is where we meet, eat, relax, chat and hang out while doing different activities.

This is also where you:
- Visit our race office to register and collect your starting pack.
- Check out the PopUp Store and stock up on Icebug shoes and apparel or Moonvalley energy.
- Go see our “Go To Guys” at the information desk for any queries, change of starting groups etc.

There are energy stations roughly every 5-7 km during the course. 

The energy stations are stocked with water, sports drinks, organic bananas, cinnamon rolls & bars. We use sports drinks and bars from Moonvalley, which may contain nuts. Ask the staff for gluten, dairy, and nut-free alternative if needed. 

NOTE: These energy stations are preliminary. They may change as we get closer to West Coast Trail 2024. 

Stage 1 – Hunnebo Haute 21K
- 6 km Sotekanalen (after the bridge)
- 12 km Stenhuggarmuseet
- 17 km Herrbacka

Stage 2 – Woods and Isles 30K
- 5 km Bredvik
- 10.5 km Stallen Färjeläget (before the ferry)
- 18 km Örn
- 25 km Hovenäset

Stage 3 – Ramsvik Rocks 25K
- 7 km Väjern
- 14 km Sotekanalen (before the bridge)
- 20 km Fykan

Running energy 

During all three stages, there will be two running energy stations supported by Moonvalley. Keep your eyes open so you may come across one of them when you need it the most. 

There are some things that you need to bring during the race. 

- Timing device to be placed around the ankle (will be provided in your starting kit). 

- It is important that the device is returned directly at the finish line. If not, we will charge 500 SEK in compensation. 

- Liquid for 30 kilometers (min 0.2 l) 

- Energy (Energy bar, energy gel, etc. minimum 250 kcal), bring your empty packages to the finish. 

- Shell jacket or a safety blanket 

- First aid kit (blood stopper/plasters and bandages) 

- Whistle 

- Fold-a-cup (To use at the water stations, since we’re not using any disposable cups. Will be provided in your starting kit) 

- Cell phone 

 IMPORTANT: We will make random controls, and participants who don’t have all of the above in their pack will get penalty time. 

Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail is an event for all your senses. Our mission is to provide you with the best food and beverages you can find in Sweden – and everything is from organic and locally produced ingredients. A food truck is serving delicious vegetarian lunch at the finish line, and the energy stations are stocked with organic bananas and cinnamon rolls from a local stone oven bakery. 

If something happens before the race, there is an opportunity to get the registration fee refunded. As registration for the West Coast Trail goes via RaceID, this goes through them.

RaceID offers Refund Protect as an additional service for customers who purchase tickets to an event on RaceID. Refund Protection allows you as a Participant to claim a full refund of their registration fee (including any extra equipment and additional products purchased at registration) if you as a Participant are unable to attend the Event due to emergency circumstances. The process and refund is covered and managed by Protect Group.

You can read more about Refund Protect here: 

It is also fine to sell or give away your registration to the event. This must be done via, not later than 10 days before the start or 1 day before registration closes (depending on which comes first). There is no extra charge for this

A collab with

Our partners

Of course, we cannot handle everything ourselves. That's why we have teamed up with the best to create a world-class event.

Creates a sustainable tourism industry

Making it possible

Keeping track of time

Taking care of us

Giving us energy

Taking us on a boat ride

Safe transportation


Common questions and answers

Our starting fee includes the following: 

- Transfer from Ramsviks Camping to the starting line every morning. 

- Shuttle bus from the finish line back to the start or to Ramsviks camping after racing.

- Lunch that is served at the finish line each day.

- A fold-a-cup to use at the energy stations during the race.

- A racing t-shirt.

- A wooden medal.

- Bus transportation before and after WCT between Ramsvik and the nearest train station, Munkedal station. Please note that you must notify us in advance by e-mail to use this transfer.

No, registration is only possible for all 3 stages of Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail. You can choose to run one day and walk another – just be sure to change this at the race office before the start of each stage. You can choose not to participate in all stages but will not have a ”total time” unless you complete all 3 stages. Changing starting groups will also result in no total time.

Yes! And out of respect for other runners, you will need to keep it on a leash.

Please see the ”Schedule” tab for all important times. 

Yes, you can drop a bag before the race begins each day. After your starting group is moving, we take your bag to the finish area where you pick it up again.

You will find bag tags (stickers with your starting number) in your starting kit.

Yes. In the morning, park your car at the finish of the stage. Take the shuttle to the start area and run or walk back to the finish, where your car will be waiting.

On Stage 3 you will park at the start, and there is a shuttle back to the start after finishing. This is due to the limited parking space at Ramsviks Camping.

Day 1: Hunnebo, park south of the south quay. 

Day 2: Kungshamn, the sports hall. 

Day 3: Park at the start in Smögen.

The WCT aid stations serve water, energy drink, energy bars, cinnamon buns, fruit and chips. You won't go hungry! Also, there will be lunch for you at the finish line.

There will be showers and sauna at the finish line in Ramsvik (day 3). There is no showers in Hunnebostrand (day 1) and Kungshamn (day 2) but the ocean is near if you want to take a refreshing swim. 

If you want to be a part of this event but don’t want to run you can apply as a volunteer. 

Please fill out the form (in Swedish) that you will find  HERE 

Even if you decide to not finish one of the three stages you will still be allowed to participate the following stages of WCT. However, your final time will not be visible in the result list.

No, we don’t have an age restriction. If you think you can manage the distance, you can make a registration. But if you are under 15 you need to participate together with an adult.

The lower age limit for Kids Camp is: 6 years old at the time of the event.

It will be lots of fun! We gather in the mornings before the adults start racing and have three busy days ahead! This is the agenda:

Friday: We go hiking together in Ramsvik.
Saturday: We visit Nordens Ark and greet the animals that live there! In the park, they work to preserve endangered animal species from both Sweden and other countries.
Sunday: We head out on the Sotefjord, and depending on age, the children get to try sailing or riding a motorboat together with skilled instructors. Sunday ends with the "kids' race", which is the children's own race, but with the same finish line as the adults!