Your Guide to Running in All Temperatures!


Your Guide to Running in All Temperatures!

Are you ready to brave the elements and embrace the thrill of running in any weather?

We share tips from Skinny Raven Sports, Anchorage, Alaska’s longstanding Icebug dealer and the ultimate expert in thriving in wintry weather.

With years of facing the Alaskan cold, Skinny Raven Sports have mastered the art of layering and equipping runners with the perfect gear for every run. Whether it’s a crisp fall morning or a bone-chilling winter day, their team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable running experience.

Say goodbye to shivering in the cold or being weighed down by excessive clothing – it’s time to tailor your attire to the temperature and maximize your performance. Get ready to embrace the elements and unlock your winter warrior!

Moisture-wicking top, optional vest, normal running pants.

Two tops, tights, running gloves, hat/headband.

Base layer top, jacket, warm tights/base layer, windbreaker pants.

Base layer, fleece, jacket, base layer pants, tights, gloves, hat, warm socks.

Base layer, mid-layer top, base layer pants, windbreaker pants, mittens, hat, neck warmer.

No matter the temperature, when you’re running on snow and ice a pair of shoes with reliable traction is an absolute must to avoid injury! Icebug’s BUGrip running shoes with dynamic carbide steel studs are trusted by Skinny Raven Sports and runners across the globe as a winter running essential!

P.S. If you ever find yourself in Anchorage, Alaska – don’t miss the chance to get fitted by our friends and experts at Skinny Raven Sports!

We use our business to do good

At Icebug, we’re committed to making better shoes that help you get out every day – no matter the conditions. Also, we have decided to change our industry by taking responsibility for our footprint. Our goal is to make footwear with great durability, low CO2 emissions and respect for people and planet. Part of the money that you invest in us, we give back to the planet by donating to organizations that, for instance, work to preserve old-growth forests.