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Stavre BUGrip GTX

Stavre BUGrip GTX

Why choose heavy and clumsy when you can choose light?

Stavre is a real favorite for all those who love to be out in the woods and fields - in all weathers. It's a durable boot that you can plow straight through puddles and dense woodland in. Surprisingly light, BOA Fit System for perfect fit and GORE-TEX membrane. Fully equipped with everything that makes a good hiking boot an everyday champion. A boot that takes up the fight with heavier and clumsier competitors – and wins on lightness, comfort and flexibility.

You choose which traction technology you want. Stavre is available both with studded BUGrip soles and with non-studded Michelin soles.

Stavre BUGrip GTX


10% bio based materials

11% recycled materials

11 kg CO2 eqv. per pair

Stavre BUGrip GTX


Upper is made of bluesign®, solution dyed and 100% recycled GRS certified PET polyester.

The GORE-TEX® lining is bluesign® certified and meets the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Midsole EVA contains 20% BLOOM® foam, which is made from algae from overgrown lakes.

The BUGrip® outsole contains 20% recycled rubber.

It's pretty simple.

We at Icebug say “yes” to reduced emissions, knowledge sharing, and increased transparency. We say “no” to inbound air freight and greenwashing, and we don't make small ''green collections.'' We say “yes” to what is good for the planet and “no” to actions that are purely about making a profit.

We take the Paris Agreement seriously. Our carbon dioxide emissions will be at least halved by 2030, which in our case means that each pair of shoes we produce must have a climate footprint lower than 6 kilos of CO2. We have come a long way but must continue to reduce the climate footprint for every pair of shoes by an average of 0.7 kilos of CO2 per year. This is something we work very hard for every day - and have a clear plan for. We are also involved in several other issues that we believe are important for creating a more sustainable shoe industry.

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