Would you like to get out more this summer?


Would you like to get out more this summer?

Many of us dream about kayaking, hiking, and camping with the family. We see magical mornings and spectacular sunsets before us. But how do you get started? Vahid Demic, or Friluftsbaba as he is called on Instagram, is a father of three and passionate about everyday adventures.

What's your best tip for getting out more this summer?

- My best tip is not to make it too difficult! Pack a backpack with some food or snacks and go for a walk in the forest. It is simple and definitely a way to enjoy outdoor life!

How do you get children to want to come?

- Finding an activity that everyone thinks is fun makes it easier. In nature, kids tend to invent games of their own and you don't have to push them. At least not during summer when they can sit in the same place and play for as long as they want without getting cold.

Many people who want to be more active outdoors focus on what they need to buy. What are your thoughts?

- I’m an advocate for not buying so much gear. Start simple and in time you will see what you might need. However, investing in a pair of proper hiking shoes or boots is wise. Wet or blistered feet can ruin even the most beautiful day in nature. Once you have a pair of good shoes, most other things will be ok. Don't buy things you don’t need. Try to identify what is a real need and what is just a desire.

Last but not least: how will you spend the summer?

- There will be a lot of camping and, above all, a lot of paddling! I love to canoe and get out on the water as much as I can, both by myself and with my family. We have a little favorite place that we usually go to, an island with an amazing sandy beach. We spend a few nights in a tent there every summer and hopefully this summer too!

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Vahid about his Icebug shoes

I use Rover Mid for all types of outdoor life in Sweden. I also took my Rover Mid to the Bosnian mountains last summer, they work perfectly everywhere!