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Men’s Fall Shoes From Icebug

Are you looking for fall shoes for men? Then you've come to the right place! Icebug makes very popular fall shoes for men that come in many different styles. For example, Icebug makes waterproof autumn shoes for men with GORE-TEX, which are perfect for dog walking and mushroom picking in wet weather.

Which men's fall shoes should I choose?

There is no simple answer to which fall shoes for men you should wear. It depends on where you plan on using it and your personal preferences. But in general, good autumn shoes should be waterproof, or at least ready for different types of weather. Several of Icebug's most popular autumn shoes feature a GORE-TEX membrane and are 100% waterproof. In general, autumn shoes from Icebug also have high wear resistance and a very good grip.

What characterizes a good fall shoe for men?

Good fall shoes should be light and comfortable to wear. They should sit well on the foot and provide comfort even when you are out on long walks. Keep in mind that autumn is often characterized by rain, wind, and slippery surfaces. If you’re looking to invest in autumn shoes with good grip, you have come to the right brand! Since Icebug’s founding in 2001, we have been known for making shoes with good grip, and our autumn shoes are no exception. Most of Icebug's fall shoes are made with the rubber sole RB9X, which is a proprietary rubber compound developed to provide good grip on both dry and wet surfaces. If you buy men's autumn shoes from Icebug with RB9X in the name, you can be sure that you will get a good grip, regardless of the weather.

What is the difference between waterproof autumn shoes and autumn shoes with GORE-TEX?

There is no difference! GORE-TEX is a waterproof membrane that keeps your feet dry when it's wet outside. If you buy a pair of autumn shoes with GORE-TEX, you are buying a pair of waterproof shoes – and can enjoy doing what you love, regardless of the weather.

I'm looking for light, waterproof fall shoes for men – what should I think about?

You want fall shoes for men with low weight – and in that segment, we at Icebug are very strong. We have several autumn shoes that are praised for their light weight. Among these is the waterproof Rover Men's RB9X GTX. With its quick-lacing BOA system, Rover RB9X GTX is easy to put on and take off. The shoe is also available in a taller version, and if it's the light autumn boot you want, Rover Mid Men's RB9X GTX you should check out. These are two types of comfortable autumn shoes for men with rough patterned rubber soles that give you a good grip in nature. If you prefer a slightly wider model, we recommend the Haze Men's RB9X GTX instead.

Are there men's fall shoes in wool?

Yes! Icebug has several autumn shoes with wool, both for men and women. Icebug has a close collaboration with the Swedish wool company Woolpower, and several models reuse wool waste from Woolpower. A good example of this is the low wool sneaker Eide ReWool Biosole, as well as the boot Adak ReWool Men's Michelin.

When does Icebug have a SALE on men's fall shoes?

We at Icebug generally avoid SALEs, but from time to time you can find a really good bargain in our outlet. Here you may find stylish and comfortable autumn shoes for men, but we do not guarantee that. Take a look and see our Outlet.