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NewRun BUGrip

three people running on the ice with a city in the background

NewRun BUGrip

Are you ready to leave the boring treadmill for lovely winter running? In that case, NewRun BUGrip is a great shoe for you.

This is a really comfortable shoe with 17 studs in carbide steel for perfect grip on all surfaces. It works just as well on icy dirt roads as it does on bike paths and the like.

It is well cushioned, lightweight and has a water-repellent upper. Without comprising our minimalist design philosophy, this is a great shoe for outdoor activities in the winter.

5/5 rated by Kevin R,
"These shoes are awesome! No slipping or sliding whatsoever. They are comfortable to run in."

two people running in the snow on a frozen lake wearing Icebug winter running shoes
NewRun BUGrip


9% bio based materials

16% recycled materials

9 kg CO2 eqv. per pair

NewRun BUGrip


Upper is made of bluesign® and 100% recycled PET polyester.

Midsole EVA contains 20% BLOOM® foam, which is made from algae from overgrown lakes.

Lining is made of bluesign®, recycled and solution dyed PET polyester.

The OrthoLite® Hybrid™ insole blends 5% recycled rubber and 15% production waste foam for 20% eco-content. It is lined with bluesign® 100% recycled, GRS certified and solution dyed PET polyester.

It's pretty simple.

We at Icebug say “yes” to reduced emissions, knowledge sharing, and increased transparency. We say “no” to inbound air freight and greenwashing, and we don't make small ''green collections.'' We say “yes” to what is good for the planet and “no” to actions that are purely about making a profit.

We take the Paris Agreement seriously. Our carbon dioxide emissions will be at least halved by 2030, which in our case means that each pair of shoes we produce must have a climate footprint lower than 6 kilos of CO2. We have come a long way but must continue to reduce the climate footprint for every pair of shoes by an average of 0.7 kilos of CO2 per year. This is something we work very hard for every day - and have a clear plan for. We are also involved in several other issues that we believe are important for creating a more sustainable shoe industry.

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