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Dear treadmill, it's time to say good bye.

New year, new promises! Time to skip the usual ''I'm going to buy a gym membership and start training''. Instead, start the year with a promise you will never regret: being outdoors more. Much more fun and much better - especially this winter.
Icebug has been making winter running shoes with the best grip in the world since 2001. We can run outdoors, and we are happy to help you find the right running shoe just for you.

NewRun BUGrip

For running on winter roads

Comfortable fit and 17 dynamic studs

Our most comfortable running shoe is perfect for winter running on snowy and icy roads and bike paths. Run your usual route, even in winter! The NewRun is suitable for both those who want to start with winter running and those who want a comfortable shoe to run longer sessions in. Also available in a waterproof version.

Grip: 8/10

Oribi5 BUGrip & Pytho5 BUGrip

For trails and terrain

Pytho5 BUGrip: Versatile and popular

The Pytho is perhaps the most versatile winter running shoe. With a low drop and an aggressive patterned sole, it is suited well for technical paths and out in rough terrain, but many also use it for long, calm runs on hard surfaces. 17 dynamic studs.

Grip: 9/10

Oribi5 BUGrip: Lightweight and aggressive grip

This super lightweight winter running shoe encourages a fast-running step. A high-level of ground contact and a studded sole means that the Oribi is perfect on forest trails, while at the same time it has enough cushioning to work well on roads and harder surfaces. Suitable for those who want the best studded grip and those who go for messy runs.

Grip: 10/10

Ready to go out?

Make your training session even better. At Icebug, you will also find merino wool socks - perfect for running, wool t-shirts, Icetubes, and flexible insoles.

You won’t be missing the treadmill when you’re out here.

At Icebug, it is in our core to choose the outdoors. Since our start in 2001, we have always lived by the mantra, if it is to be run, it is to be done outdoors. All year round. Nature’s playground will always beat staring at a screen or a wall inside. Endless with routes, endless with impressions. After all, the forest is the largest, best, and cheapest gym that will ever be built 🌲.


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