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West Coast Trail FAQ

Below is everything you need to know about Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail. If you have any question that isn’t answered below, please send us an email at

FAQ - West Coast Trail

Our starting fee includes shuttle buses from the finish line to the start every day, and a delicious vegetarian lunch served at the finish line each day. The starting fee also includes a fold-a-cup from Wildo, a merino wool tee from Swedemount, a West Coast Trail medal, and bus transportation between the event and Munkedal train station.

Registration is open from January 25th.

The sooner you sign up, the cheaper it will be!
October 25th – March 31th: 2 195 SEK

April 1st – May 14th: 2 395 SEK

May 15th – August 15th: 2 595 SEK

Late registration from August 16th: 2795 SEK

Kids Camp:
1 child 1 500 SEK, 2 children 2 500 SEK, 3 children 3 500 SEK
Race is divided into three different categories. You can enter the walking group if you want some extra time to enjoy the sceneries, the running group if you want to experience some world-class trail running, or the run/walk group if you want to walk some parts and run some parts.

You can change your chosen group during Icebug Xperience; you can join the walking group one day and join the run/walk group the next day.

If you have to step out of the race at one of the stages, you can still do the next stage, but without having your name in the “final results”

If you are aiming to place yourself at “top 50 runners” (man/women) you need to start all of the stages at the Running Group!
SCHEDULE 2023 (Coming Soon)
There are energy stations during the course.
The energy stations are stocked with water, sports drinks, organic bananas, cinnamon rolls & bars, We use sports drinks and bars from Umara, which may contain nuts. Ask the staff for gluten, dairy, and nut-free alternative if needed.
NOTE: These energy stations are preliminary. They may change as we get closer to West Coast Trail 2023.
Stage 1 – Hunnebo Haute 21K
6km Sotekanalen (after the bridge)
12km Stenhuggarmuseet
17km Herrbacka
Stage 2 – Woods and Isles 30K
5km Bredvik
10,5km Stallen Färjeläget (before the ferry)
18km Örn
25km Hovenäset
Stage 3 – Ramsvik Rocks 25K
7km Väjern
14km Sotekanalen (before the bridge)
20km Fykan

Running energy
During all three stages, there will be two running energy stations supported by Umara. Keep your eyes open so you may come across one of them when you need it the most.
There are some things that you need to bring during the race.
- Timing device to be placed around the ankle (will be provided in your starting kit).
- It is important that the device is returned directly at the finish line. If not, we will charge 500 SEK in compensation.
- Liquid for 30 kilometers (min 0.2 l)
- Energy (Energy bar, energy gel, etc. minimum 250 kcal), bring your empty packages to the finish.
- Shell jacket or a safety blanket
- First aid kit (blood stopper/plasters and bandages)
- Whistle
- Fold-a-cup (To use at the water stations, since we’re not using any disposable cups. Will be provided in your starting kit)
- Cell phone

IMPORTANT: We will make random controls, and participants who don’t have all of the above in their pack will get penalty time.
Icebug Xperience is an event for all your senses. Our mission is to provide you with the best food and beverages you can find in Sweden – and everything is from organic and locally produced ingredients. A food truck is serving delicious vegetarian lunch at the finish line, and the energy stations are stocked with organic bananas and cinnamon rolls from a local stone oven bakery.
Economical, social, and environmental sustainability is something we really care about at Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail. We want the event to grow organically together with the area, to market Bohuslän as an all year-destination. We work with local entrepreneurs and our vision is that everything consumed at the event is made with organic, locally produced ingredients. We also want to take care of the environment in the area. Most of the race, therefor, follows existing coastal paths and trails, and we place garbage bins during the course. The use of single plastics is banned in every Icebug Xperience. We also inform our participants about the Swedish Right of Public Access and the importance of respecting it.

We highly recommend Climate-smart traveling to our events. Take the train to Munkedal and get picked up by our shuttle buses, book a seat on our bus from Gothenburg, or share a car with your friends. If you compensate your trip directly when you sign up for your Xperience, Icebug will match your compensation with the same amount. To climate compensate means to reduce, avoid or remove the same amount (or more) of greenhouse gas emissions as the emissions caused by your travel. Icebug compensates by financing UN-certified climate projects, see Climate Neutral Now. Of course, climate compensating is only the tip of the iceberg, and our main focus is to reduce climate emissions in the daily work of making more sustainable shoes.

Read more about Icebugs sustainability work here
The Bohuslän coast runs almost 280 kilometres along western Sweden, from the city of Gothenburg all the way up to Norway. There are 8,000 islands off the coast and up until about a century ago the people of the coast and island relied on the humble arts of herring fishing and quarrying rock to make a living. Those are the hard facts – now comes the really good stuff.

The coastline is packed with small fishing villages tucked in between the smooth granite rock. These are perfect stops for sun bathing, swimming and perhaps a spot of crab fishing. If you are staying longer you can book self-guided and guided kayaking tours of some of the islands, including Kosterhavet National Park which is Sweden’s first marine national park. It includes the beautiful and car-free Koster and other islands were you can spot seals lolling in the waves or on the rocks, do a bit of island hopping, or even swim a ”snorkel trail” and spot some of the plants and creatures that live here.

Down by the harbour in the towns of Grebbestad, Fjällbacka and Strömstad local fisherman would be only too happy to take you out to bait and haul in lobster (from end September), langoustine and crab (best thing is that on most of these trips you get to taste or buy some of the spoils). For fishermen and fisherwomen (this is Sweden after all), on the river Öreskilsälvan there could be a large salmon with your name on it, while in the waters offshore the first sea trout of the season is waiting to be hooked.

A truly fabulous way of experiencing the Bohuslän coast and inland is by hiking or cycling. You can walk or cycle Kuststigen (the coast trail) and the 370 kilometre long Bohusleden, that starts in Gothenburg in the south and stretches all the way to the seaside town of Strömstad in the north.

Sotenäs – a part of Bohuslän
In Sotenäs you’ll find picturesque Bovallstrand, granite centre of Hunnebostrand, town centre Kungshamn and the islands Smögen and Malmön.

The magnificent archipelago and barren cliffs best experienced by taking a part in activities at or by the sea – such as boating, hiking, climbing and of course sunbathing and swimming.

An important part of your stay in our district is our cuisine. Close by the sea and surrounded by a rich country side, we have the best of primary products at our disposal, and some of the world’s best seafood!

Link to great stuff do to during your stay in Bohuslän:
We do not refund starting tickets but allow changing a participant’s name on registration free of charge. The person wishing to replace their registered name is responsible for finding their own replacement.

Note that it is only possible to change a participant’s name up to 10 days before the race takes place, or 1 day before the registration closes, whichever comes first.

The price includes an administrative fee of 200 SEK which is not refunded in case of cancellation.

Our partner RaceID offers Refund Protect as an additional service for customers who purchase tickets to an event on RaceID. Please read our General Terms for more information.
Can I run with my dog?
Yes, but out of respect for other runners, you will need to keep it on a leash.

What time does my group start?
Please see the ”Schedule” tab for all important times.

I have my own car, can I still use the shuttle bus?
Yes! In the morning, park your car at the finish of the stage. Take the shuttle to the start area and run/walk back to the finish, where your car will be waiting.

Can I sign up for just one of the stages?
No, registration is only possible for all 3 stages of Icebug Xperience. You can choose to run one day and walk another – just be sure to change this at the race office before the start of each stage. You can choose not to participate in all stages but will not have a ”total time” unless you complete all 3 stages. Changing starting groups will also result in no total time.
If you want to be a part of this event but don’t want to run you can apply as a volunteer.

Please fill out the form (in Swedish) that you will find HERE

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