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Trustrace – a tool for traceability and transparency

One shoe can have over 50 different components

Performance footwear is very complex, where one shoe can have over 50 different components and global supply chains that run over 5 steps deep. So sustainability for performance footwear is complex.

The Swedish-based company Trustrace provides a platform specifically made for increasing traceability in product value chains by using block chain technology. Trustrace also includes tools for facilitating cooperation in the value chain and to follow-up of the supplier’s sustainability work, such as environmental and social assessments of the supplier.

Icebug uses the Trustrace platform to build a material library with information about physical properties, sustainability properties, commercial facts, and sourcing in the value chain. The platform provides an efficient material and product management system to get an overview and keep track of changes and materials choices.

Trustrace also provides a tool for the calculation of the ecological footprint of products and presentation at different levels: during internal product development, at product launching (to our sales staff) and to the end customer.

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