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Health and well-being

The core of Icebug

When mapping the most significant and relevant sustainability aspects of Icebug’s total activity, Health and well-being was clearly the highest prioritized aspect. Health and wellbeing is the UN Sustainability development goal 3 and it’s also the core of our business. Here we want to give you an idea of how we contribute to health in our offer (products and events) as well as in the daily work.


Sustainable employment is all about supporting people to stay in work, to develop, grow and feel good. Commitment and responsibility are the foundation of both sustainable employees and sus-tainable organisations. Commitment gives sustainable employees who create results. Greater chal-lenges require each individual to feel personal commitment – that the work is important and mean-ingful. When we feel good, we can think bigger and act wiser. By sustainable employees, we mean employees who, over time, feel good, perform, enjoy and develop – in a way that means both the organisation and the individual gain.

The work environment at Icebug is characterized by creativity, participation and a good atmos-phere. With everyone’s involvement, it becomes easy to create a good workplace. The goal is for everyone to feel job satisfaction, security and affinity and to think it’s fun to go to work. Together we want to create something based on true values and passion – something that provides a real benefit to people. We share with each other our experiences, successes and failures.

We create time to contribute knowledge beyond our own area of expertise when asked by a col-league, and we celebrate success! We encourage each other and give each other clear feedback. We are honest with ourselves and with each other. We take care of ourselves and treat our own health responsibly. We strive together to create an environment of kindness, where everyone feels included and is treated equally regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, reli-gion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.

Sustainable employment creates stunning colleagues in an inspiring workplace characterized by creativity, playfulness, flexibility and transparency.


Icebug advocates balance in life and strives to work smarter instead of harder. We know how difficult it can be to get to that valuable time where you find time to invest in your own health after a day at work and with all the family activities. That's why we offer our staff that time during working hours. We offer three hour a week dedicated to physical activity, when the switchboard is closed and everyone has to activate themselves – whether for a walk along the river, a gym class in the yoga room or a run in the forest. It’s a way of trying to keep co-workers healthy, give people who might not normally work together a chance to mix and to increase our love of nature.

To balance personal life and work life is one of the core values at Icebug. Normally, meetings are scheduled between 9.00 and 16.00, to make flexible working time truly flexible. Healthy co-workers are happy co-workers and we want to spread our love of nature not only to our co-workers but to the world around us. And to be able to do that - it has to start with us.

Lhina Segerbo, People & Culture Manager:

''We offer three hour a week dedicated to physical activity''


In august 2016 we launched our Forest Femmes concept. The pur-pose is simple: To encourage more women to run trail. In our store, we were constantly meeting people who wanted to try it out, but who were a bit uncertain about where and how to begin and not entirely comfortable about going out on their own. Forest Femmes removes the obstacles by running together in groups, offering companionship as an added bonus. We place considerable focus on having fun and enjoying the surroundings, and very little focus on speed and perfor-mance. We encourage participants to find new running companions in the group so that they can go out on runs together in addition to our normal joint sessions. During sessions, we’re always there to support and cheer people. All levels are welcome and we make sure we come up with challenges to suit everyone.

We love being out in the nature and we notice what a positive impact it has on our wellbeing, both physical and mental. We want everyone to get the chance to experience that.

Femmes, a series of events where people can meet and do the things they love, together with the people they love. We do it year-around, in all kind of terrains and surroundings, to introduce people to the beauty of the seasons and to show them what Icebug is all about. We call it Icebug Xperience.


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