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Factory Presentation

Working together with long term partners and companies gives security and trust.

We work directly with factories as much as possible and we also nominate suppliers for key components to get bigger effect on sustainable sourcing. Today we work with four main assembly factories. Two of them, Chief Vict Industries Corp. and Haksan Ltd. are located in Vietnam close to Ho Chi Minh city. Fulgent Sun group is in Cambodia and Ironsteel Ltd is in China.

Working together with long term partners and companies who have been around for a while gives security and trust. Development of products is close co-operation between brands and suppliers. Production of goods that reach the demanding criteria of brands, customer and legislation require even bigger collaboration between different actors. For these reasons, transparency of value chain is essential. All input streams need to be known. To increase transparency and accountability, we have started working with a blockchain tool called Trustrace, that has given us a tool to map out our suppliers and sub-suppliers. With this tool, we get a better visual tracking on material streams, country of origins and which certification each factory and material has.

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