A Better choice

Our way of helping help the customer make sustainable choices

We know that the shoe industry is a dirty business and that overall, far too little is done to reduce the negative environmental impact. As a customer, you can be a part of changing this by choosing more sustainable alternatives, where better materials and processes have been used. But standing in front of the shoe wall, it’s very hard to understand its environmental impact by just looking at the shoe or by trying it on. We at Icebug have developed our own way to help the customer make sustainable choices, ''A BETTER CHOICE'' label. The criteria for ''A BETTER CHOICE'' will change over time as better alternatives become available. By choosing a shoe labelled ''A BETTER CHOICE'', you as a customer can be sure that you choose one of the most sustainable shoes on the market.


''More people are becoming aware that their choices really make a difference. By offering a quick way to identify the most sustainable products, this is our way to help consumers make a better choice''


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Icebug make shoes that save the world from slipping - raising the bar for sustainability in the industry and making it easier to get outdoors.

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