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Reuse v1 Biosole

For those who hate fabric waste and love jeans

Icebug doesn’t only want to make fantastically comfortable shoes with the world's best grip; we are also working hard to make the shoe industry more sustainable. We have made shoes out of wool scraps from Swedish Woolpower, and now it's time for the next step. The new Reuse uses natural rubber, harvested algae, abandoned fishing nets - and jeans fabric that have been left over in Swedish Nudie's production.

The result? One of the most comfortable and climate-smart shoes Icebug has made to date. Reuse is a perfect city sneaker for you who hate fabric waste - and love jeans!

7.9 kg CO2 per pair
30% recycled material
39% bio-based material

Why not a denim pair of shoes?

Are your favorite pants made of cotton or synthetic material? For most people, the answer to that question is obvious. Very few would choose a pair of plastic pants over a pair of comfortable jeans. Why think differently when it comes to shoes?

Proven working material that lasts a long time

Denim is one of the most popular materials in the world, but the cotton required to produce it consumes large amounts of water. A pair of jeans uses as much as 11,000 liters in production. What if we did not need to grow more cotton? How can we utilize what already exists?
Reuse takes advantage of denim's natural comfort, durability, and beautiful aging without adding additional CO2 emissions or water consumption.

Reuse is made of denim that has already been produced and dyed, so it is already ready to be used in our shoes. The result is a shoe made of a durable, long-proven work material that lasts a long time. Thanks to the Gothenburg company Nudie, we get access to an organic raw material.

A sole made with algae and recycled rubber.

Reuse is not just a smart upper – it has low emissions built into all facets. The conventional rubber in the outsole has been replaced with 62% natural rubber. This reduces our dependency on oil and means a great climate gain. Of course, the shoe has the same secure grip that you expect from Icebug.

In the midsole, you will find BLOOM® foam. It is a material made from algae that is harvested from lakes with hazardously high algae populations. By using algae instead of oil, we reduce our climate footprint while purifying water. It’s a win-win!

Eide Biosole

Wool waste - our first waste fabric shoe

This is how we reduce our climate footprint.

We at Icebug are serious about our climate work. We follow the UN's Climate Neutral Now initiative. We measure the entire company's greenhouse gas emissions and constantly change our materials and processes to achieve a lower climate footprint. Our shoes must have a climate footprint of an average of no more than 6.4 kilos of CO2 by 2030. Along the way, we share our materials and suppliers through our initiative for transparency, Follow the Footprints.


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