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Trail BUGweb

Icebug Trail BUGweb™ is a removable traction accessory with six carbide steel tip studs, that fits in the Icebug sole. The Trail BUGweb™ only fits with selected unstudded Icebug shoes and not with other brands. (Trail BUGweb™ is for older BUGweb™ models. Check that it works for your shoes before ordering!)

12.00 USD

Detailed information
The Trail BUGweb™ is compatible with these models: Heros, Cortina, Matra, Kajana, Attla, Aro2, Anda2, Prali, Dana, Tina, and some older versions of Speed, Ivalo and Avila2.

Is not compatible with these models: Glava, Now, Saunter, Idun, Myoko, or some older models like Eir, Lodur or Njord. For these you want the Easy Street BUGweb™. BUGweb™ is not compatible with models with the Michelin Wic outsole.
Article Number:78999B

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