Trail BUGweb®

Icebug Trail BUGweb® is a removable traction accessory with six carbide steel tip studs, that fits in the Icebug sole. The Trail BUGweb® only fits with selected unstudded Icebug shoes and not with other brands. (Trail BUGweb is for older BUGweb models. Check that it works for your shoes before ordering!)

12.00 USD

Detailed information
The Trail BUGweb® is compatible with these models: Heros, Cortina, Matra, Kajana, Attla, Aro2, Anda2, Prali, Dana, Tina, and some older versions of Speed, Ivalo and Avila2.

Is not compatible with these models: Glava, Now, Saunter, Idun, Myoko, or some older models like Eir, Lodur or Njord. For these you want the Easy Street BUGweb®. BUGweb is not compatible with models with the Michelin Wic outsole.
Weight:150 gram

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