We all know that studs and BUGrip is the best thing since sliced bread. BUGrip provides excellent traction outdoors, but sometimes we need to walk on soft surfaces indoors, and the steel studs might damage that surface. Our Overshoe is the solution to this problem! The Overshoe sizes are listed in EUR or US men's sizes.

29.95 USD

Detailed information
The overshoe is a full rubber extra sole that easily can be put on without having to take of your Icebugs, covering the sole and the studs. It protects, for instance, sensitive floors from being damaged by the protruding studs. It is not intended to be used for long distances.
Caution: The Overshoe might be slippery on wet floors.

Here's how to put them on:
- See instructions and video in the product slides.
- Fold the front part of your Overshoe forward.
- Step into Overshoe with your heel first.
- Fold back the front part of Overshoe over your shoe.
- Ready to go!

Caution: The Overshoe might be slippery on wet floors.

If you are using the Overshoe for running shoes - choose one full size smaller than the shoe size.
Weight:150 gram

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