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But it is code red for humanity

It’s pretty simple: To stay within a moderate risk scenario of 1,5 degrees temperate increase, we need to follow the carbon law and halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, halve again by 2040 and be “net-zero”, meaning that we have cut emissions by 90-95% while withdrawing CO2, a lot of CO2, from the atmosphere. That’s the latest and the least.

This decade is the last chance we have. The planet will always be there, but it’s code red for humanity. We put us in this crisis. Half of the total CO2 emissions has happened since 1990. And we can get us out.

It's not too late.

Milestones in Icebug's climate work:

📉 2015-2020: Cutting emissions 10-15% by switching materials and processes.

🏭 2019: Becoming climate “positive” by offsetting all historical emissions, plus unavoidable current and future emissions by 200%.

🙋 2020: Committing to the 1,5 degrees roadmap for emission reductions, starting by halve by 2030.

👀 2021: Publishing CO2 footprints and full product journey for all styles. Radical transparency to give customers the chance to make an educated choice and share date with the industry.

☀️ 2022 (planned): Getting solar roof top installed at factories in Vietnam. Estimated further cutting emissions by 15-25% on style level.


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