Happy new years!

At Icebug, we know a thing or two about overcoming challenges.

We’re world leading in helping people get a grip on muddy trails, icy sidewalks and steep hills.

Our community trusts us and when they get out there, we got their back (or their feet to be exact), making sure they don’t slip. But there are more obstacles to overcome in the world today, and if there’s one thing mankind can’t afford to do right now, it is to slip.

Because right now we are all facing our biggest challenge so far: stopping ourselves destroying what we love – our home planet.

It's hard to know exactly what to do and how. But true to what we've always done we're trying to get a grip on what needs to be done, and take responsibility beyond what is needed. We don't have all the answers, but we keep searching for them, and getting a grip can mean a lot of things: finding your foothold, attempting to understand something complicated or just trying to keep calm in a world of chaos. In our work towards a more sustainable future, we need to do all of that.

Of course, we’re not going to solve this alone. The industry we operate in must change, a lot. Our community must do their part, with our help. Teaming up with everyone is essential. We’ve been helping people to get a grip since day one. Now it’s time to continue that mission, but on a larger scale. Now is the time to really get a grip, together.


Happy New Years!


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