Which studded running shoe should you choose?

Whether you are a beginner, someone who runs on cycle paths, an experienced trail runner, or a sea-wild orienteer, we have the shoes that make running a little easier. We’ve organized the products in our winter running collection into a helpful guide. They are listed from good grip to maximum grip, so you can easily find the shoe that meets your needs.

New: Arcus BUGrip – comfort with grip

Suited for: runners looking for a shoe with maximum comfort and good grip designed for running on winter roads and flatter surfaces.

Have you been waiting for a winter running shoe that takes comfort to new heights? The wait is over! Arcus BUGrip is an extremely well-cushioned running shoe that makes winter running much more comfortable. In addition, Arcus features Icebug's market-leading grip - BUGrip. 13 dynamic studs in the sole keep you on your feet over ice and slippery trails. If you do not want studs, Arcus is also available with a non-studded RB9X rubber sole. Both models of Arcus have a waterproof upper from GORE-TEX and are built with bio-based material. Arcus is changing the game in terms of both comfort and sustainability for running shoes!

Let Arcus be the shoe that keeps you away from the treadmill and takes you through a winter of fresh air and endorphins.

✔️ Grip: 7/10 ✔️ 13 carbide steel-tipped studs✔️ Waterproof GORE-TEX ✔️ 6 mm drop


NewRun BUGrip - now with longer studs

Suitable for: runners of all levels looking for comfort, but not as much cushion as is seen on Arcus above. NewRun has more studs and is great for use on icy winter roads and lighter trails.

NewRun is a versatile running shoe, perfect for those who want to be able to run both on a bike path and a forest road. The shoe is available in both waterproof and water-repellent versions. The waterproof NewRun features the BOA lacing system, freeing you from pesky shoelaces. The water-repellent model has slightly lower weight, helping you feel light on the trails. This winter we have also made the 17 studs under the sole longer for even better grip!

✔️ Grip: 8/10 ✔️ 17 carbide steel-tipped studs✔️ Waterproof GORE-TEX ✔️ 7 mm drop


Ladies: NewRun BUGrip GTX

Rover BUGrip GTX - versatile beauty

Suited for: hiking or leisurely running in demanding weather.

Rover is a favorite with both beginners and experienced forest foxes, not least because it has such a wide range of uses. It is excellent for calmer running in the woods, but works just as well for walking, hiking, and all kinds of outdoor adventures. Thanks to the waterproof membrane from GORE-TEX, your feet stay dry regardless of the weather.

✔️ Grip: 8,5/10 ✔️ 19 carbide steel-tipped studs✔️ Waterproof GORE-TEX ✔️ 12 mm drop


Men: Rover BUGrip


Ladies: Rover BUGrip


Pytho6 BUGrip - maxed grip

Suited for: Forest runners who want maximum grip and a fun running experience.

Internally, we have long called Pytho \"The little tractor,\" because of its ability to tackle difficult terrain. It travels everywhere, whether it’s mud, water, ice, rain, gravel, snow, or roots. This year, Pytho6 features a more well-balanced drop to fit even more activities, but it still has the same fit you know and love. Take Pytho6 with you on long runs on whatever trail your heart desires.

✔️ Grip: 9.5/10 ✔️ 16 carbide steel-tipped studs✔️ water repellent ✔️ 9 mm drop


A Guide to Winter Running


Icebug - always with a focus on sustainability!

Icebug is the world's first climate-positive manufacturer of outdoor shoes and follows the UN's Climate Neutral Now initiative. We measure the entire company's greenhouse gas emissions, reduce them as far as possible and annually compensate for the emissions that cannot be removed, by investing in UN-certified projects that reduce greenhouse gases.


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