Which running shoe should you choose?

Whether you are a novice runner or a seasoned athlete, we have the shoes to improve your outdoor experience. Here is the guide to help you choose the right shoes from our Spring/Summer collection.


Capra RB9X®

Capra is the shoe for those who are looking for a lightweight, agile trail shoe for running in technical terrain. This style was designed with world champion Tove Alexandersson and is perfect for trail running or skyrunning. Like a mountain goat, Capra is at home on rocky inclines and steep slopes.

A snug fit is combined with a spacious toe box. The outsole, with its aggressive and unique pattern is of course made with RB9X® rubber for the best possible unstudded traction.

OutRun RB9X®

OutRun is our most comfortable trail shoe for trail runners of all levels. The BUGforce midsole provides high rebound and ample cushioning, a combination that translates to a soft ground impact but yet an energetic take-off. Torsional rigidity supports on uneven surfaces and the forefoot Rock Shield protects in rocky terrain.

The OutRun is also, as far as we know, the most sustainable trail running shoe on the market. With a 20% midsole of algae, recycled rubber in the outsole, and a 100% recycled polyester upper, OutRun is a big step toward a less dirty shoe industry.

Horizon RB9X®

Goodbye asphalt and hello to the forest and trails! Horizon is a new model from Icebug that is perfect for those who want to start exploring trail running for real.

The Horizon is well-cushioned, has an airy upper, and is comfortable for everyday terrain. It is a little less technical compared to the OutRun. The sole, of course, is composed the market's best-unstudded traction, Icebug's RB9X® rubber.

Zeal5 RB9X®

You asked, we listened. The favorite is back! Zeal5 RB9X® is a durable unstudded shoe for training and competition in technical terrain. It has a slightly wider fit compared to Acceleritas, making it perfect for those who cannot fit our slimmest style but are still looking for minimalism with extreme grip.

The RB9X® rubber sole provides good traction on both wet and dry surfaces, making it perfect for swimrun and OCR as well. The outsole is equipped with “teeth” in the middle which is ideal for rope climbs! We honestly didn’t realize what a following the Zeal had until we removed it from the collection. So, we took the opportunity to make it even better and let it make a comeback!

Acceleritas8 RB9X®

Light as a feather, fast as a weasel. Acceleritas is Icebug's lightest trail shoe for the minimalist runner. Almost like being barefoot but with aggressive grip.

Low weight, low drop (4 mm), narrow last, and maximum grip are the hallmarks of our best seller Acceleritas. The RB9X® sole provides good traction even on wet surface and since the shoe also absorbs minimal water, it is also ideal for swimrun and OCR.


Spirit8 OLX

Spirit is a shoe built for orienteering and tough trail running. The fixed steel studs OLX provide the best possible traction over roots, logs, and rocks. Suitable for those who are looking for a narrow trail shoe that can handle anything. Low wet weight, exceptional durability, and a traction-packed studded outsole make Spirit8 OLX a favorite for orienteers around the world.

The eighth generation of Spirit was developed by world champion in orienteering Tove Alexandersson. This generation's Spirit has a widened toe box for added comfort. With our fixed OLX steel studs under your feet, there is no terrain you can’t handle.

Zeal5 OLX

A comeback for our studded favorite! Zeal5 OLX is a studded shoe for training and competition in technical terrain. With its slightly wider fit, it’s perfect for those who require more room than our slimmest shoe, Spirit, but still desire minimalism with studded traction.

Under the sole of Zeal5 OLX, you have 16 fixed steel studs, which guarantee traction everywhere and anytime. With its combination of low weight, snug fit, support, and traction, the Zeal5 OLX sets a new standard for shoes adapted to technically challenging terrain.

Always climate positive!

In addition to minimizing our negative environmental impact, we also overcompensate for all our carbon dioxide emissions. In Spring 2019, we became the world's first climate-positive (carbon negative) outdoor footwear brand, and we’re now trying to get the rest of the industry to follow. We offset the emissions that we produce that couldn’t otherwise be reduced or eliminated (including the shipping on every order from Icebug.com) by investing in UN-certified projects that reduce greenhouse gases.

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