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Impact report

From our impact report

Our owners’ directives published in full. Icebug has NO growth target and names Nature and Society its premier stakeholders.

Solar energy project will cut emissions drastically! We are about to save massive amounts of CO2e emissions from us – and several other brands.

It’s time to get rid of oil. That’s why we source sustainably grown natural rubber and help match smallholder farmers in Thailand with other brands to scale up.

Radical transparency now! Since 2021, Icebug offers full insight regarding footprint and supply chain through Follow the Footprints.

Shoes should be made in a fair way! We’re a Fairwear Foundation member and our factories go through third party audits.

Stop using airfreight! Flying our shoes home from the factory would result in a 20 fold increase in climate emissions. That’s why we don’t do it.

Save the forests. In 2021, we donated 80 000 $ to save old growth forests.

We are happy to pay our taxes! To us, it’s a no brainer to contribute to society.

We have set a carbon budget – and we are reporting how much we’ve used! This triggers us to be innovative, to keep sourcing better materials and to champion renewable energy.

Do you miss something? Think we focus on the wrong issues? Please let us know!

Impact report



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