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How dirty are your shoes?

The shoe industry accounts for as much carbon dioxide emissions as aviation. So, it can't continue.


Recycled plastic

70% of all our running shoes have 100% recycled plastic in the upper.


Recycled rubber

Our outsoles are made of 13% recycled rubber. This is as far as we can go, at this moment, without compromising the wear resistance.



Harmful algae are harvested from over-watered streams and instead become the practical foam product Bloom-foam which we use in our middle and inner soles. Smart in several ways!

Icebug Summer 2020 - the world's most sustainable shoe collection?

The shoe industry needs to become more sustainable, and we’re happy to lead the way. Icebug tests and evaluates all the materials and components of each shoe, to see if they can be replaced by something that – without compromising function – is better for the environment.


Outrun RB9X®

Our most comfortable trail shoe! With recycled polyester, algae in the midsole and recycled rubber in the outsole, it is also one of the most sustainable shoes on the market.


Loe RB9X®

A sneaker for people with an active lifestyle. Water-repellent leather that adapts to the foot and only gets more beautiful the more you use it.


Capra RB9X®

Lightweight but reliable trail shoe that works just as well on technical trails as on gravel roads. Developed together with world champion Tove Alexandersson.

Always climate positive!

In addition to minimizing our negative impact, we also overcompensate for our carbon dioxide emissions. In Spring 2019, we became the world's first climate-positive outdoor footwear brand, and we’re now trying to get the rest of the industry to follow. We offset the emissions that we produce that couldn’t be reduced or eliminated, by investing in UN-certified projects that reduce greenhouse gases.

1% for the planet

Icebug is the first outdoor shoe company to join 1% for the Planet. This means that we use a minimum of 1% of our annual sales for non-profit environmental projects.


Icebug has climate compensated for all emissions since 2001. From now on, we offset our carbon dioxide emissions by 200%.

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