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How do different shoe brands think about CO2 emissions?

Truth be told, most brands probably don't think about it at all. Though some make great one-off models with extremely low footprints, they rarely represent how the brand works in general. They may say it is not possible to make the ''sustainable model'' in large volumes. While marketing a supposedly eco-friendly sneaker, they continue to produce thousands of pairs of their regular models.

Cutting-edge models are good if they push development forward - but unfortunately, these shoes are far too often mostly about marketing. Claiming that it is possible to make shoes without a carbon footprint is greenwashing. All production comes with a cost.

At Icebug, we decided not to develop special ''green collections.” We see greater value in lowering our average emissions. We want to lower the emissions of our whole collection rather than focusing on a few models with small footprints that are different from our typical products.

Other brands are making one-off, “green” models that have a lower impact than ours, but we believe that it is more important to take responsibility for our total footprint and activities as a company.


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