A more wonderful way to run

We humans feel good in the forest. There are impressions and scents, songbirds and streams. Things you can never find in a gym or on the street in town. Right now, we all need the forest more than ever. So, we ask: if it is not time to take the plunge and become a trail runner now - when is it?

Icebug Horizon RB9X – Skip the asphalt and run in the woods

Horizon RB9X is our entry-level shoe for trails, designed just for you who would like to start a new running career on gravel roads or paths. Horizon is well-cushioned, soft and comfortable. It has an airy upper and is suitable for simpler terrain. If you want to take a trip on the narrower paths, Horizon is your answer. Under the sole is, of course, the best nonstudded grip on the market - Icebug's RB9X® rubber.



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