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Icebug is the world's first climate positive shoe company. We don't just talk about sustainability as an important matter. We actually do stuff. Good stuff. So if you truly want to make a responsible choice of shoes this winter, pick a pair of Icebug's. Here's why:

TIME TO FOLLOWIf all shoe brands did like Icebug, we could avoid melting over 4 billion m3 of arctic ice.


The shoe industry accounts for 1,6% of the world’s global CO2 emissions. If all shoe brands would offset 200% of their emissions, like Icebug does, 1,4 billion tonnes of CO2 would be avoided or sequestrated yearly. 1,4 billion tonnes of CO2 is estimated to melt over 4 billion m3 of arctic ice and is equal to the annual CO2 emissions from over 600 million cars.



Sustainability wins need to be measured by actual impact and how scalable they are. Yes, Icebug is the World's first climate positive shoe brand, but the point of talking about this is not for us to look good. It's to show it can be done - by measuring, reducing and offsetting emissions. We think that this is a responsibility that all companies should take, and we're impatiently waiting for others to join us. And when we share what we have done with materials and processes, we also give those of you that need new footwear the chance to make a more sustainable choice and increase the pressure for much needed change.

Regardless of which shoe you prefer, you can be sure that it is a climate positive choice. Here you have som of the top choices of sustainability work for the fall/winter 2020 collection:


By using natural rubber and recycled rubber Icebug can save tonnes of CO2 every year. When you walk in a pair of Icebugs, you walk on soles that treat the earth as carefully as possible at this moment.

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Icebug make shoes that save the world from slipping - raising the bar for sustainability in the industry and making it easier to get outdoors.

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