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Meet the Forest Femmes

Icebug's women-focused trail running group

“Forest Femmes is an inclusive group where together we make space for everyone to feel welcome and safe in the forest. We are an unusual run group in that our goal is about time in the woods, not about pace.” – Lisa Terrell, Founder of Forest Femmes’ Minneapolis Branch

At Icebug, we have always felt a strong connection to the forest. We advocate for spending time outdoors and finding peace while communing with nature. In this, as in all facets of what we do, we are walking the walk and helping others follow in our footsteps. Our run group, Forest Femmes, provides a space for women to find joy on the trails, regardless of their trail running experience.

The USA’s Forest Femmes branch is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It offers five different groups, four running groups that accommodate different paces, and a group dedicated to hiking. These groups run the same trails, allowing a runner to move between groups freely, should they find they need to change pace. No one is ever left behind. There is no pressure to go faster than you are comfortable going. The Femmes meet at a different trailhead every few weeks, so there’s always fresh scenery and new trails to challenge you.

Forest Femmes is not competitive; the goal of each outing is to find companionship and enjoy the outdoors while doing something you love. No matter what pace you go, there is space on the trail for you.

The Forest Femmes pride themselves on being welcoming. As Minneapolis branch founder, Lisa Terrell, puts it, “we are a place where everyone is welcome, but women are our focus, as many find safety in camaraderie.” Chatting and laughter are not uncommon to hear when you’re on the trails with the Forest Femmes. This group truly finds joy in the forest, and they love nothing more than sharing it with others.

Come join us! Visit The Forest Femmes Facebook page to learn about meeting times and locations:


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