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three people sitting in the snow wearing boots from Icebug
three people sitting in the snow wearing boots from Icebug
Timeless Scandinavian design.
a person laying in the snow with Icebug winter boots on

Studded or non-studded traction – you choose

Waterproof BUGdri™ membrane

Insulated for cold winter days

Adak ReWool

Adak is a boot in well-selected materials, created for all winter adventures.

Classic Swedish, hearty but still pared down. In the upper part of Adak there is wool waste from Swedish Woolpower combined with Nubuck leather. As of winter 2023, Icebug only produces shoes with Nubuck leather from Nordic farms.

Every detail of this shoe has been carefully designed for you to enjoy the winter.

It can withstand cold temperatures and is made to last for many years to come. Take good care of the leather and you have a winter boot that will age in style.

Many companies talk about sustainability. But it is also important to do the job, for real. Icebug does.

How about this as a building material in Adak ReWool:
Algae harvested from lakes with dangerously high algae populations, leather, wool waste from Swedish Woolpower, recycled fishing nets from the oceans and recycled rubber.

Adak ReWool BUGrip

17 dynamic carbide steel studs

5/5 ⭐ by Cathy C,
"Love these boots. We live in Montana and have had ice everywhere on our ranch. These boots have been a life saver."
Adak ReWool Michelin

Durable rubber soles with top-class grip

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