Our comfiest summer sneaker

Made from recycled PET from plastic bottles and harvested algae from blooms polluting our fresh water sources.

Eli is perfect for summer walking and living, combining the airiness of a sports sandal with the casual sportiness of a great looking sneaker. Engineered mesh upper keeps the feet cool on summer days. Ergonomically shaped last, memory foam insock and midsole roll for superb foot health. Well-cushioned BUGforce midsole results in a soft impact and an appx 50% better energy return than a standard EVA foam midsole. Elastic cord instead of regular lacing provides an easy on and off feature. RB9X® outsole provides traction on Sunday strolls and downtown walks.

Airy upper

The Eli upper is made of airy mesh, which ensures that your feet breathe, no matter how hot it is. Foot sweat is a thing of the past!

Unbeatable comfort?

The BUGforce midsole gives you all the cushioning you could wish for. In addition, Eli has an insole with Ortholite Hybrid® that adapts to your feet. With comfort as a first name, the Eli RB9X is a perfect choice of shoe for those looking for soft and stretchy summer shoe.

Best traction

Icebug never makes shoes less than the best traction. The sole on Eli is made from our proprietary rubber compound RB9X, which gives you up to 40% percent better grip than other shoes. Test on wet rocks and you see what we're talking about.




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Icebug make shoes that save the world from slipping - raising the bar for sustainability in the industry and making it easier to get outdoors.

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