Be climate positive. Get a great shoe.

Icebug leads the way towards a more sustainable footwear industry and is branded by the UN as the world's first climate-positive shoe company. With algae, fishing nets, recycled PET bottles, and high targets for reducing CO2 emissions, we are way ahead of competitors. But that's not enough.

Eide RB9X sold out as soon as Icebug released its limited edition of 200 pairs last fall. That success made for a continuation. With more upcycled wool available – the Eide RB9X is back. Here it is - the durable wool sneakers you can walk straight into spring with!

Superb comfort and awesome grip.

The Eide Woolpower RB9X has a soft and comfortable midsole that, thanks to BUGFORCE, has energy-restoring properties. Comfort is instantaneous the moment your foot slides in. After just a few steps you can’t help but notice our secure grip, thanks to Icebug's rubber grip RB9X. Icebug is and remains a grip expert – the Eide Woolpower RB9X is no exception.

Sneaker that screams durability.

The Eide wool will keep your feet cold when it's hot and warm when it's cold. That's the beauty of wool! The Eide, soft and perfect for the relaxed moments, will be your go to for spring, summer, and autumn. To top it off, this versatile sneaker is another star in Icebug’s sustainability efforts. We have a sure winner this spring!


The wool upper is made with scrap material that comes from Swedish Woolpower’s production. Materials that would otherwise go to waste will have a new and longer life.


The midsole is made with Bloom Foam, a foam made from algae harvested from eutrophic lakes.


Recycled fishing nets make up the heel and toe reinforcements, turning the nets into something useful instead of harming the ocean.


The outsole is Icebug’s rubber grip, RB9X, made with the highest possible proportion of recycled rubber.

Always climate positive.

In addition to minimizing our negative impact, we also overcompensate for our carbon dioxide emissions. In the Spring of 2019, we became the world's first climate-positive manufacturer of outdoor footwear, and we have put on the leadership jersey for the rest of the industry to follow suit. The emissions that Icebug produces and cannot be removed are compensate by 200% by our investment in UN-certified projects that reduce greenhouse gases.

Eide Woolpower RB9X

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