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Recycled Denim - Classic Style and Lowered Emissions

Few things are as ingrained in the American cultural consciousness as a pair of blue jeans. Reliable toughness and the comfort of cotton have made jeans a closet statement for over 100 years.

Denim as we know it had been produced in France for many years before it gained popularity in America. Tightly woven cotton fabric, dyed blue with indigo, had also long been made in India and Africa. The warp-faced cotton fabric didn’t gain popularity in America until the 1850s. During the American Gold Rush, miners looked for a durable material to make clothes out of that could easily be repaired. and jeans became ubiquitous. In 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patented a pair of work pants made from denim that was reinforced in points of stress and held together with metal rivets. Since then, they have become favored for their style, comfort, and versatility.

Enter Nudie Jeans, based in Sweden. Nudie has been making jeans from all organic cotton since 2012. They celebrate making quality jeans that are made to be worn, worn in, and repaired.

Denim and Water Conservation

Cotton requires a lot of water to produce - as much as 11,000 liters per pair of jeans! The goal is to stretch that water consumption as far as possible. We do this by recycling excess fabric left over from Nudie Jean’s production. The upper of Reuse v1 is made entirely of re-purposed jean scraps. This denim coming from Nudie is already production-ready, meaning additional energy and water does not need to be used to prepare the fabric to be transformed into shoes.

Not only do we reduce fabric waste by transforming Nudie’s scraps into shoes, but we are also supporting another company that prioritizes lowering its impact on the planet. 94% of the fibers used in Nudie’s jeans are organic. The rest are recycled, and all are fair trade.


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