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a person walking a dog on an icy road
a person walking a dog on an icy road
Icebug's most beloved model of all time
Three people are walking down an icy road wearing Icebug Metro2 BUGrip, studded winter boots

BUGrip® outsole with 16 dynamic steel studs

Great walking comfort

Water resistant upper

Metro2 BUGrip

The world's best-selling studded winter boot!

The Metro2 BUGrip is Icebug's best-selling winter boot – and the world's best-selling studded boot. Why? The answer is simple. With the Metro you get the best grip on the market – and a very nice winter boot. The 16 dynamic carbide steel studs keep you on your feet over patches of ice and you can do many long miles on asphalt without having to worry about the studs being worn out.

a person walking in the snow wearing Icebug Metro2 BUGrip studded winter boots
Metro2 Women's BUGrip
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a person standing in the snow with their Icebug winter boots on
Metro2 Men's BUGrip
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Swedish winter: Test winner two years in a row!
Want to know how good the Metro is? Maybe Aftonbladet's big double-shot test can help you. There, the Metro2 BUGrip has been named winner two years in a row. "Best grip, most comfortable to walk in and also very good looking" are some of the praises.
BUGrip® – Icebug’s innovative steel studs
The 16 dynamic studs are made of carbide steel so you can walk for miles on asphalt with without worrying about wearing out the studs!
Choose your traction

Studded BUGrip traction or non-studded Michelin traction?

"I'm very proud to have designed the Metro. This pair in the picture I have had every winter for 12 years and they are still lovely. I think that says this is a really good boot"
Would you rather have a slightly taller studded boot?
Ivalo BUGrip is a beloved Icebug classic that now comes in an updated form!
a person wearing Icebug winter boots on a snowy surface

BUGrip® outsole with 16 dynamic steel studs

Water resistant upper

Wide ergonomic last

Ivalo4 BUGrip a stylish and reliable favorite

Ivalo4 has a roomier fit and is even more comfortable, but still just as light on the foot and with the same smooth zipper at the front. The water-repellent upper is easy to keep clean. 16 dynamic, carbide steel-tipped studs keep you on your feet over ice patches without them wearing out.

Ivalo4 BUGrip
Walk safe with studded winter boots from Icebug
Our studded boots are known for their fantastic grip, combined with high comfort and maximum durability.